Almost verbally assaulted cashier

Cashier pissed my off. I was mad and started talking in a bitter tone, i almost amped the tone to an angry rant but caught myself. I almost let a curse word slide but caught myself there to. I was super angry and had to do breathing exercises after.

Any experiences you guys had? Good or bad.

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I’ve gotten very angry at a nurse but generally i don’t get angry in public.

What happened anyway?

Cashier was indifferent about my input of how other cashiers type in my card since the card is scratched and doesnt scan. If he listened to me, i wouldve been out alot faster and not have a whole line behind me. Now i realize i was paranoid about the line behind me waiting for me to go.

Oh my god, I just verbally assaulted a mcdonalds employee over a pumpkin spice latte not being right

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Haha, a never do that, what if she spits in it, :scream:

Yeah, lots of the people around here are a part-time psychotic and belligerence/disrespect is encouraged by the churchies toward anyone on disability pay after mental care…I don’t answer. Worse goes on actually and make a police report, cops ask you where your money comes from and say disability check and they will threaten to lock you up on psych hold as long as they can manage it…Need to say you ‘work at walmart’ to avoid a very bad discrimination problem in same places. This place makes jail bate really quickly. The people locked up on psych holds are in there for months at their own expense, almost everyone ends up unemployed but homeless happens too. Homeless ends up in apartments run by the country mental clinic and frequently these are committed from there…

I don’t have much to say except you can leave the whole cart of stuff without paying, the use the other store.

My suburb has a long history of stuff around here, environmental problems, causing schizo symptoms so store’s owner has been nice enough to shut-up some of the really lewd, threatening and disgusting stuff said by some of the customers/employees…It’s a relief as this suburb has a LONG history of mistreat of citizens without any cops who cared so I appreciate this a ton to be able to shop near home without being b----ed at.

Some of the restaurant staff here served raw stuff to some people. Could be hard to tell about spit sometimes…I never discuss my diagnosis or back-story, I try to avoid this crap as I’m middle age lady who supported herself but just living in city with bad financial situation so has been hard to get away from the check in this trash-can of a city. Working hard on moving again…

Shopping the mall here is disgusting…They have so many confused nutty people hanging sometimes from this latest high school group, DANG! There is no way I would want to try to make a living with that kind of customer! This crap scares the ■■■■ out of the older people who made a living…Middle age people will do worse to someone when they realize the devil makes some a really nice lifestyle sometimes…Devil asks for favors in return so if you see anything WRONG THERE with a person mistreating someone, excuse yourself or you will get it too usually, especially if the hissy drama is made by a male.

Ya, my thoughts were just that, “why the ■■■■ did I come to this store.”

Ill probably be going back though seeing as it is a convenient place to go.

Could load up the shopping cart good and wait for another show. They can put all that away for being rude.

Lol, all i had was 2 items at this grocery store. 10 mins for 2 items.:rage::scream::pray::smile_cat:

All well, it was a learning experience.

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Maybe it’s because the negative wax build-up makes me a bit emotionally numb… but I get sort of surprised now.

when I was at my worst… and drinking and smoking pot… I was very abusive and on edge all the time… I always got in fights in shops and got banned a lot.

Now… this wax build-up and disconnected flat feeling has numbed me.

I watched a blond woman cut in line and then freak out on the clerk because she was told she had to wait her turn just like everyone else… she cut in front of me at the Sushi counter and proceeded to berate the sushi maker about all the sushi having fish in it.

I wanted to yell out… “Well Duh… it’s sushi”

I felt bad for the guy who was just trying to do his job. So glad I’m not in retail of any type.

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I get more pissed at the other customers…

Went to walmarts fried food table thing… to get some popcorn chicken… they only had one employee back there and this dude was talking to her for upwards of 10 minutes about god knows what… then he finally makes up his mind and has her start slicing deli meat… I was ■■■■■■■ infuriated. Grabbed some bs prefab sandwich instead and got the ■■■■ out of there.

More recently though it’s the people who are close that have had me irritated.

My siblings want to do a vacation of just us kids… So i have this obligation to somehow save up about 1000 dollars. My brother talks to me like it should be easy. Yeah right. I guess that’s a minor frustration because it’s not bothering me now… but when the actual conversation was playing out I was saying terrible things about my bro in my head.

The vacation does sound cool. Get the ■■■■ out of kansas and go somewhere cool for once. See some modern cityscapes. but 1000 dollars… would take me about a year and a half to set aside. I’ve got other things I want to obtain.

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Well first off …a freaking cashier looking down on YOU ,not that being a cashier is a bad thing …but seriously … a trained monkey can do that job and eventually they will , I get it everywhere that i go in this town, and I let it get to me but I shouldn’t and you shouldn’t either,you have to figure that a MAJOR part of their job is being courteous to every customer because that will make the owner that much more prosperous.

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I think its only important that you have an insight about what actually happened.

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I was at a local gas where yhe sell hoy dogs and different sizes of dogs,and usually there are different sizes of buns to accamodate the sizes of the dogs ,but this place only had one size ,the smallest one ,and here every that I’ve been in the us there are dogs called “bahama mamas” which are larger than the average hot dog so I opened the bun warmer thinking that they have larger buns for the larger dogs,and the cashier barked at me for doing that.

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