Have you ever had a persistent person try to get you to perform a task you're not capable of performing?

my dad comes to mind, he’s always trying to get me to do things around the house, or elsewhere im not capable of performing. he believes in me, but i honestly don’t have the ability so try and try and fail endlessly.

another time at work, they tried to get me to park a semi trailer in a warehouse dock and i sat out there and tried to park that thing for 2 hours and couldn’t get the job done, yet my boss just said you need more practice.

i guess im good at some things, which makes people think i can do more than i can. personally i know my limitations and try to master my strengths.

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My mother tried to toilet train her babies. It was awful.

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Yeah. I can think of one moment from a long time ago. A long time ago. Me and my sisters went up to visit my mom and my step-dad about 6 years ago. Before they moved away I was over my moms house once a week or every other week.

We would talk and sometimes go out to eat. It took a lot out of me so my mom would always see how tired I get after an hour or two of talking and she would suggest I take a nap in the den.

Then my mom and step-dad moved about an hour and a half drive away. Me and my sisters would visit them and once we were there and we all talked for about an hour and a half straight. It drained me mentally so I asked my mom if I could take a nap like I used to. Both my sisters got aggravated. They said, “No way” you’ve got to stay out here. I told them I couldn’t but they were adamant and so I had to go back in the living room for another hour of socializing. I don’t know how I did it but it was a huge strain and made me angry at my sisters but i could see their point. I had kind of put myself in the position of being included with the family and part of that was socializing when I didn’t feel like it. This incident sticks out in my mind but there are others.

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