Have you ever had a crush on your colleague?

I do. He’s probably married with kids and from a different culture. So nowhere in a million years would it work. I just hope i’m not giving it away that would be embarrasing… But let me tell you it does make my day just looking at him. He probably doesn’t even notice me but hey… lol

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I believe I will never have a crush on anyone.

That’s a totally normal thing haha

The assistant manager at my last job was so pretty, but she wants to be an MP in the air force and i’m just like oh my god you’re gonna hate it so much

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Never say never.

honestly - after a visit to an asylum here in India.

The only thing I ever - ever wish for is:

a. To be out of this legal case where me and my family are involved in - for no fault of ours.

Once that is done: - Ill move into the smallest possible habitat and live my life at the bare minimum of human existence and the rest of money would be for the people.

That is my ONLY DREAM for my life.

If I LIVE THIS DREAM - I dont believe in a God or Gods but will thank the heavens.

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A couple of female coworkers liked me, but I was too messed up to follow through with asking them out.

One was very pretty but she was a bit close to her Ex and she had kids


I have to work with him and sometimes I have to ask for help and I would send an email and get totally ignored and it feels horrible like maybe he knows something. But he probably isn’t ignoring me just busy but I can’t help that it feels bad. I should probably ask for help directly in person so I can’t be ignored but I’m afraid of giving it away.

I dont know if i ever liked someone , I would just go out and ask. But right now I not am doing so due to reasons that make me feel the other person would reject me and/or morally wrong to do it. But if everything was ok with my life I wouldnt hesitate 1 bit

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