I got a crush on a girl i dont have a chance with

she asked me why i wanted her number. she white i told her i thought she was pretty and she told me “thanks but i am married” but then she said "im too old for you"she said she was 30 then she asked me my age i told her i was 26 i cant forget her i would marry her she live on the rich side of town and has a good job i dont got my things together i would never look at another girl if i had her uf<3 i started to work out too see if i got a better chance if im swole as i look like a stick atm but i look more handsome with some muscle woman love a little muscle.

Do you know her well? Is she your friend?

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no but i see her around from time to time i dont want to get friend zoned hehe

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Its better to go to a bar or a nightclub with friends. I had better luck that way, even more than online dating. But you should also have your life together, preferably working etc


If you’ve approached and been shutdown it’s time to move on. Plenty of fish in the sea is the saying and you don’t want to be that creepy person that causes issues.


i know working really boosted my confidence! i need one but i had to stop because i had a bipolar episode but im recovering i think i almost have i might just get confident enough to find a job

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thats one of my biggest fears appearing like a creep but nah she felt comfortable with me even when it was only us two alone sorta .

I’m married and I’m too old for you are pretty obvious statements. I think it’s time to move on!


the way she “said it” it was kinda like a “wink wink” and she said that because i look young i look like im 18 . but you might maby i should move on by now she probably alredy found someone.

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I had a one way crush at work I was so paranoid he could hear my thoughts and knew. Made it so awkward as he was in my department and he was also gay.

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why was it awkward that you guys worked to together ?

Yes because I was his boss and we were both out. Never spoke about it but I know he knew and my symptom of him being to hear my thoughts made me work really hard to block those thoughts from coming up and dealing with him I just so uncomfortable knowing he knew I had a crush on him. It made working and managing his projects very difficult.

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I deleted my crush phone number but I Can imagine it’s hard to see her around town

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dude shes married. move on.


Good luck! You got more game than me. :grimacing:

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I have a crush on a million girls I don’t stand a chance with.


If she’s married, it would be disrespectful to pursue anything with her.

There are lots of single women out there. You have to look for them.

I wish you luck.


lol theres probably literally a BILLLION eligible partners out there. trust me there’s someone out there for everyone :slight_smile:
i dont believe in the whole “out of my league” thing though. You dont have to change yourself to find love @polar1r . Theres someone out there who will love you as you are. Nothing and no one is better than another. Everything is good in its time and place, and there’s someone who needs you just how you are in their life.

when you find them youll go together like two puzzle pieces :slight_smile: Wishing you luck!

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The reason she’s out of your league is because she’s married.


So many men always assume this is the case. I’m here to tell you how infrequently you are correct. Women have been socialized to be “nice”, even when we are dying from discomfort. We also try to be nice so that men don’t hurt us.

Again, this is your presumption, likely.

Yeah. She “found” her husband.

She told you she’s married. Leave her alone. Move on.