Have you ever felt like a hardened criminal?

The Lexapro is helping me loosen up and I had been so tense that the term “hardened criminal” came to mind.

I’ve got a very bad reputation in my town. Most of it deserved. While I’ve never done anything that got anyone hurt, there were a few pretty scary events. When I think of how others in the community view me, it makes me feel pretty low, like a criminal. I’ve never been arrested and follow the law, but the feeling remains.

I have no idea what a hardened criminal feels like. So I don’t think I’ve ever felt like one.

yeah sure when I am smoking a cigarette and drinking coffee and remembering my crazy past I can relate to hardened criminals and what it’s like to have lived through hell and smoke a bunch of cigarettes and take downers…but they enjoy it and chose to be like that lol

I have a felony theft conviction, but I don’t consider myself a criminal at all. People commit crimes all the time, theft would probably be the most common crime. However I only have one charge on my record, and I don’t really commit crimes, if they knew what everyone did we would probably all be felons.

I’m worn down trying to fight the unjustified harassment because someone has “friends in high places”-yes.
But the truth always comes out in the end, and after 11 years now, the broken ashtray has been shelved until further notice.
I will not go back to before.

Well, if smoking crack and using cocaine is a felony then I’ve committed a thousand felonies. But no, I never considered myself a criminal of any kind even in my past “normal” life before I got sick and I was driving my friends around so they could break into cars and steal their tape decks. Doing stuff like that, is not me.

I think it starts with the twisted humor of getting hurt is funny.

I feel different than regular society - like a hardened criminal - I am a prankster. I think they know I’m not like everyone else.

i’m not a hardened criminal. but i felt like one once at a hospital. I thought i was going to jail and i thought the staff was saying really scary things and giving me weird looks. I’m not sure if it was true or not but at that moment i felt like one.

My schizo friend said theres blue collar white collar and where no collar. Get a disability check. Now I have a job but I can still tell I relate better to blue collar and no collars. In fact I don’t like most white collar people I meet. They often have that trying to one up you or prove how great they are is abrasive to me.