Have you cut off communication with any of your family? What was your reason?

I basically don’t talk to any of my extended family.

With the exception of one Aunt.

All of them had problems with my decision to have my son adopted by gay men.


I cut them off and no longer speak to them.

I think, at least for my situation, it was the healthy thing to do.

Are you on good terms with your family or have you called it quits with any of them?

If you have, why?


I have one sister I don’t talk to. She’s been extremely cold and mean to me our whole lives and one day I decided i had had enough. It’s been like 10 years.


I have no problem cutting toxic people out of my life, family or not. I’ve done it with an uncle, a cousin, and my biological sperm donor.

All they ever did was take and abuse, I’ve had enemies with more respect.

On the flip side of that coin, the man I call grandfather, the only strong positive male role model in my life, isn’t related by blood, he’s my grandmothers second marriage. I love the man, can always count on him, he is more of a father figure than anyone else.

Family is those who support us, who don’t judge, and love. Blood isn’t important in my circle.


I don’t see extended family members often, but I am on speaking terms with most of them.

I will communicate with my brother occasionally.

With Covid around we don’t see each other in person very often.

He leads a very busy life.


Brother llama, you have a way with words, today. Thank you. My SMOM is my family. I love her… my stepmom. :hugs:


my family is extremely narcissistic and abusive (physically and verbally). i try not to talk to them if possible, but my current situation requires that i do.

i cut contact with my brother because he was insulting me excessively. hes 10 years older than me and i used to look up to him, but now looking back i realize he hasnt changed at all. i dont know why i thought him to be so great. my sister is 8 years older than me and weve always been on good terms. i dont see that changing any time soon (but it might, being that im moving in with her).

as soon as i can, im going to move far away and cut contact with my parents. i cant forgive them for what they did to me if they arent going to make the effort to be apologetic.

i think its reasonable to cut contact with those who harm you or your loved ones.


i basically dont speak to or think about any of my cousins except for two. i mean we were buddies when we were young, but i dont even know their kids names. they never wronged me, but i don’t feel like they are worth the energy to stay in contact with. for some reason, i always prefer my elders, aunts and uncles. and for awhile i stopped talking to my brother because i was mad he always tried to get me to join the military when i was a kid. but were back on speaking terms now, we speak a couple times a year, not frequently but i try to keep things cordial with him now after calling him a “demon” one time lol.


I just talk to my dad, text my mom and grandma (my dad’s mom) and get calls from my other grandma. I recently talked to one of my Aunts on Instagram.


I cut off most of my extended family. Not to get political, but let’s just say that we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of issues


I’ve ditched some cousins on my side and my wife’s because they are, frankly, morons. There are all kinds of interesting people out there who I will be richer for knowing. I’m going to put my energy into seeking them out. Better use of my time and energy.


I ditched my whole mother’s side. Never knew my dad’s. Also ditched my mil and fil.

Mom’s side sided with my ex over me, so straight to the dumpster with them.

Inlaws are trash, pure and simple. How they made someone sweet and loving as my husband, I don’t know.


i am estranged from my aunt at her doing…we had a fight when I was delusional years ago and she never talked to me again. sad, she and I were close…

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My wife’s Aunt was supposed to show up for our daughters’ grade 8 graduation ceremony, but never appeared.

She hasn’t talked to us in over 3 years and we have no clue as to why. Her husband (my wife’s Uncle) has anger management issues, so we don’t miss that to be honest.


I would cut off ties with my dad if I had elsewhere to go that I could genuinely get away from him.

All he ever really did was yell at my brother and I for not picking up Mom’s slack in the housework.

He was (and still is) always a terrible alcoholic to the point of drinking while driving, drinking from the moment he woke to when he slept. Uses the bathroom in places he shouldn’t. I’ve had the pleasure of cleaning the worst of these up.

Encouraged the fights between my brother and I growing up–would hold my bro down and tell me to hit him kind of ■■■■.

His “ass whoopings” were ■■■■■■■ horrible to experience, and heaven forbid if you moved! He also proudly tells a story of hitting me hard enough that my lip bled when I was a toddler because I bit him.

There’s also some trauma I can’t place, probably from before my memory starts, that makes me want to recoil and die when he touches me.


I have walled myself off from most of my family. I think now I will be limited to my daughter and aunt.


I blocked my advocacy account from all of my relatives who have Instagram. My cousin, who is close with my mom, was telling her all about what I post. Also, raising awareness about disabilities is considered a foreign idea in Korea, and it could be frowned upon. So I had to delete my religious art account permanently and block most of my university friends from seeing my advocacy account.


My step fathers first wife cut off her father who became my defacto grandfather at the age of 2. (Long story!)

Then my step sister cut him off … (■■■■■). He never saw his 4 great grand children and is dead now, so never will :frowning:

The rest of my family has fallen into a lot of infighting over the Covid situation, and there is a lot of tension at the moment.

We have not gathered as a family for over a year now.

My real fathers family dis-owned me after he killed himself when I was 2 years old, and they blamed my mother. Apparently he had 13 brothers and sisters (My mother is one of 7(Catholics eh? :roll_eyes:))


Once I started saying Crazy things my family stopped communicating WITH me. I don’t like folks really. After my grandma died my family sort of just stopped being my family. It’s on my dad’s side. I have problems with my dad. I have problems with my mom’s family too but not much. Really it’s just me, my bro, step-father, dad, and mom now. I can tell if someone likes me or not. There’s a difference between ‘love’ and ‘like’ I learned that a long time ago.

That and my sister has her own issues. It’s quite disappointing. Last time I worked over there for 4-6 hours, I got paid 4 bucks an hour moving rocks. I was really pissed off about that – the little pay. I think I should keep my mouth shut; focus on work; make money; and let these people piss off. Most people got problems anyways.

Once I got schizophrenia and started opening my mouth YEARS ago, my cousins in another state sort of stopped talking to me. I stopped visiting them. I guess they’re just low average people. Most of my family is. Just common folk.

I try too hard pleasing my father, but he’s got huge problems. It’s a one way street…

My mom’s mom can be weird. My uncle stopped talking to be pretty much after I told him he was a ‘deadbeat’ and he told me I’m crazy. I guess I got tired of being a caregiver and him sitting on his ass all day trying to find work while I was doing the work. I never got paid 1 cent.

A lot of my anger and stuff and resentment comes from past life memories. I can forgive but cannot forget. It changes you.

My mom, bro, and sister, and dad are my closest relatives and I care about them so much. My step-father is a great guy, but the schizophrenia-psychosis paranoia just made me paranoid about him for 10+ years. It’s unfortunate. Growing up, I got weird vibes from step-father and I just sort of ignored him and zoned out and had anger and stuff towards him. We both changed. People change with age.

To be honest, I didn’t really like my mom’s mom in a PAST LIFE. I have recall. That and she bugged the ■■■■ out of me growing up. I remember one time she sort of disowned me when she came over and my brother made a mess and she told me to clean it up. I got pissed off. Hadn’t liked her since. This was in community college years. She viewed me as super privileged, entitled, and like I was from royalty…

She’s extremely racist and tried kicking me out of my mom’s house growing up (I felt that way) because she was splitting the family up if I recall correctly.

I was no angel either.

I also have to learn respect. The medications help me a lot in that regard.

I was messed up really bad in my past lives more so than now. It took several past lives to sort through the trauma, delusion, and ■■■■■■■■.

Attending community college, I just wanted to escape or get away from my family. Ended up becoming super disabled and stuff. That’s why I went to college 700+ miles away but ended up coming back a cripple and on welfare…it destroyed me!!!

I was very arrogant, entitled, and self centered and focused on my self growing up. I cannot undo it but I have made strides and changed.


Stepfather, due to his extreme hatred of gay people and his constant, grotesquely graphic insulting of them.


My small family of an aunt cousin stopped talking to me after sz diagnosis, my grandma ended up being really decietful and mean and I stopped talking to her in 2016 but she’s dead now. Luckily I have an awesome mom and a doggo and cat.