Have you been or are you responsible for a dog through its life?

Always had cats
Allergic now when my two cats are gone I’m thinking of a dog
Wondering about the responsibilities
Specifically for a schizophrenic

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I have a dog (and a cat). It’s a lot of work, as she forces me to go out 3-4 times/day for walks. I always used to have just cats, so much easier, but my ex sweet talked me into getting us a dog. I kept the dog in the breakup, love my dog.


My first dog my parents got before I was born but our second dog I’ve known for her whole life. She’s 11 years old now. Dogs are expensive and a big time commitment. If you get a puppy expect to have to wake up during the night several times to take it out. Different dogs need different amounts of exercise and grooming and some are healthier than others. However they are wonderful companions and well worth it.


I have had a border collie puppy and, for my misfortune i let this awesome partner to other good family because i have a social phobia, it was very difficult for me to go out with this nervous puppy on the park, and everyone came over to Me to caress the dog and talk to me about dogs. But this dog, my first dog, has been the best experience that I have had in years. I will never forget my friend. Two videos of my last love.

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Wow, taking care of a puppy/dog takes a lot of work and responsibility.
I don’t think that I will be getting a dog because I will be moving into a group home where they don’t allow pets.
And plus I am not up to the responsibility because I am still having strange Delusions connected to owning a dog.


My dog has increased my happiness tremendously.

He had to go into surgery cause he ate a bunch of material off the couch. The doc said he was in critical condition. On the drive home I lost it ballin my eyes out.

He is better now, I wouldn’t give him up for anything.

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I love both dogs and cats. I love all animals to be exact. My best friend has the cutest little miniature schnauzer you’ve ever seen in your life and I am in love with her. Anyway, I have always kept cats. I have always felt that dogs were too much work and responsibility for me and too noisy and troublesome. I just prefer cats. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate other people’s dogs.

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ILMAO…15151515155151551 I just had to laugh at this.

I had s dog.
She is dead now.

My boyfriend has two dogs and I help care for them etc