Have you any regrets because of this illness

I regret hurting my mother and father because of this illness. But I lost my mind in this illness. Felt people were plotting against me

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I don’t regret crap that I didn’t sign up for.

No one signs up for being schizophrenic.

It’s something that happens to us, not something we did. Now the way we handle it is partly our responsibility; the doctors are responsible for the rest.

For example, not pulling weapons on people out of paranoia is our job when we are aware of being paranoid.

Hearing voices is not our problem, that’s for doctors to medicate and treat.

But then part of our job is going to the doctor.

If you are posting on this site, I would say you are aware and responsible for seeking professional help.

I would not dare to say that you are to blame or responsible for the illness happening to you.


Mortimer, Thank you for this " I don’t regret crap that I didn’t sign up for." It helps with dealing. Just yesterday I was thinking mostly I have nothing but regrets. My sz symptoms started when I was 16.


I want that on a t-shirt.



I regret some of the decisions I made, but then I look at myself and think I probably would have cracked up even if I had taken a different course. That would have been bad, because I would have had more to lose.

I regret the effect the illness has on me as I never got to do what I wanted to work at in my life.

Just feel sad that my career has come to an end.

That I stayed in the game so long… for what?