Have people stopped saying hello to you

I have a cousin. He has stopped saying hello to me and I think that it is because of my sz. Actually a funny thing happened recently. I rode my bike and I saw my cousin talking with one person who runs an antique store. My cousin turned his head in another direction so that he did not need to say hello to me. When I passed them I said hello to this antique dealer and he said back, but my cousin still watched in another direction. So the antique person was polite while my cousin tried to avoid me. I have never done anything bad to my cousin. There is also one lawyer in the town who have stopped saying hello, although he said always earlier. I went to the same high school with him. Do you have this type of experiences?

This lawyer case is funny by itself. Today I saw two Roma people coming from his office. I saw these Roma people once at the health center, when four Roma people went to the same doc’s appointment. I wondered why they all had to go to the same doc at the same time. I suppose they have their little Roma mafia here in my little town and this lawyer who has stopped saying hello to me is their legal representative. I see many people when I ride my bike.

I am always treated worse by family then by strangers. I have had some family stop saying hello. I still try and polite, but if they want to be impolite, I can’t let that bring me down.

What is a Roma? Is it a word for gypsy?

Roma people are not all gypsies. Many Roma people in Finland are Christians and gypsies are quite different, many years ago I met some young gypsies and they used gasoline to get high.

Ah ok. I have just heard Roma and gypsy used interchangeably but I have never met either so I didn’t know.

I don’t want them to say things that they don’t mean, some say hello, it’s worthless, some don’t, thats worthless also.

Can i follow my own rules though? Probably not.

I still like to say hello to people I meet.

When I go for a walk around the block when it is warmer, I say hello to people and they usually say hello back.

Im like your cuz, i don’t make eye contact with many to spark up some convo. Maybe go to a grocery store and go to check out if you need a hello, how are you

it happens all the time, but i don’t have any expression on my face, my wife tells me, so people feel uneasy around me.
take care

I suppose that some people who have risen on the social ladder have changed and people like myself do not mean much to them. I suppose normal people somehow do not want to have any contacts with szs and other mentally ill people.