I have an interesting 'friend'

He is not really my friend, but I sometimes chat with him when I see him, because he is an interesting person. He is a real gypsy. He often walks in the streets of my little town and he abuses both alcohol and tobacco. He is very bold and is not afraid of asking people to give him money. He often asks it from me too, but I never give him, because he has some money, but he drinks and smokes it all. He is so bold that he is not afraid of sitting in the entrance of a religious flea market and then wait people to come in and then ask some money from these people. And he does this every day, it is his hobby I suppose. I have wondered what he does with the money he collects each day, maybe just walks to the alcohol store and buys a bottle of liquor or wine and then goes back to his place to enjoy this daily achievement. I do not want to know.

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i knew a few gypsies, some bad ( the mafia mentality ), and some very nice gypsies, they had a big home with the grand parents original painted gypsey caravan outside the front of their house , it was really cool , and they also had a secret staircase in the old house which you could access from inside the huge old stone fireplace and it went up to one of the rooms above.
i knew them when i was about 8.
take care

My ‘friend’ is very funny. Once I rode my bike and stopped to chat with him. He just said ‘give me seven euros so that I can buy a bottle of raspberry wine’, I did not have any money for him and his alcohol abuse. In Finland here are 10000 Roma people, some are real gypsies, it is not the great number. I have known many Roma/gypsy people in the past. Recently in the building next to mine there were some young people partying, listening music loudly, smoking in the window and then at first one gypsy girl arrived and it took few days after another well-dressed young gypsy man arrived with his black sunglasses.Something was going on. It took a day or so and they shut down their partying. I suppose people complained. Now it has been quiet.

Once I was at the health center to treat my diabetes caused toe wound. I observed four older gypsy men. When it was their time for a doctor’s appointment, all of these four men went there at the same time, which is unusual. I wondered why. Later, when I rode my bike in the town I saw two of these gypsy men coming from the office of one lawyer whom I have known since my high school years. This lawyer does not say hello to me any longer, when I see him, but as usual he turns his head away. He has been a legal representative for numerous little criminals in the town and as I heard his office also represented once one business and they failed in this international transaction causing financial damages to this company. But their office had to pay tens of thousands to this company. The world is a funny place.

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Once I was at the religious flea market and they had all products on sale. There were beautiful black mink fur coats for women. The original price was just 50 euros but now these were 50 % off and so the fur coat price was 25 euros. In the real retail stores these can be as much as 1000 euros. There was a gypsy woman at the market and she said loudly ‘the starting price is so high’ and she did not buy a beautiful black mink fur coat at 25 euros. These gypsies can be so funny.

Back in 2002 when I arrived at Helsinki from my 13-year world journey, I met a person who seemed to have again an alcohol abuse problem. He told me how he was taken to the bushes of Helsinki by gypsies when he was drunk and they had stolen his money. He was very sad and I listened his story and what he told.

Bill Clinton’s real father is Blythe, a gypsy and Hillary Clinton’s greatgrandparent Rosenberg, a Jew. No wonder why they behave the way they do.

My ‘friend’ is not a bad man, but he is an alcoholist who needs his drink each day. As many gypsies he is not well educated and did not even know where Argentina is when I asked. He said it to be near the Mediterranean in Europe. But he is a human who has real alcohol problems as so many other Finns do, maybe 25 % of Finns have a problem with alcohol, although they do not know this.

Another thing came to my mind when I went to the store in this evening. Nowadays people get all kinds of expensive gifts on Christmas, but there was a time long time ago when a little child got just a box of candies as some old men have told me. Still often people are not satisfied with their expensive Christmas gifts.