Some people are just not good

I have a cousin who never says hello to me any longer, he just turns his head away. His mother was the daughter of my Jehovah’s Witness grandmother who was hospitalized for most of her life due to her schizophrenia. Any way in Dec 1999 this cousin had mailed me a letter with some photos from Finland to Atlanta. He asked me to visit Finland with my family, I had no family. As years passed I eventually met him and then once I asked about him mailing me in 1999 and he said he has never done this, he denied. The only problem is that I still have these letters and photos in which he builds a cottages in Lapland with his wife. He was a member of their network, because I had never given my address to him. I have seen him sometimes in the town. Nowadays he often speaks personally with some other men without any cell phones. I suppose he has learned from their 10-year old experience how their illegal alcohol trade was monitored by cops, because they used cell phones. Then in 2003 one person was in the police lock-up for 11 days and my cousin was asked for an interview with cops in which he admited buying illegal Russian beer. This Russian beer is much stronger than Finnish and it is less expensive.