Have colors, words, songs, brands etc…having a different meaning ever been part of a delusion

Have colors, numbers, words, brands, songs etc… having a different meaning during a episode. Has anyone ever experienced this?

After an episode, all the true meanings return to normal but its harder with the songs when this has happened because I like music and remember what the delusion involving the songs were versus the reality of just being a nice piece of music

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I’m curious what kind of meanings colours had to you at that time

The colors black and yellow together meant that some part of importance or exposing something held in my delusion. Only to me because its a delusion after all. I have read others have had trouble with license plates that license plates to some contain a message. Just wondering if anyone else has experiences with anything that had a attached different meaning during a episode and how it feels after one is no longer delusional

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For some time before and during psychosis, the letter G and the number 9 meant something to me. I can’t tell you what, but they were important. They don’t mean so much to me now tho.

Numbers and colors still have meaning to me even after psychosis… I can no longer see colors around people though. I kind of miss that honestly.

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