Have APs ever made psychosis worse for you?

When i took Xeplion, i went off the rails. It did the complete opposite of what it should have done !!

I Slipt into terrible delusions from that med from my short period of being on it !

Have you ever had worsened psychosis from a AP ?


The exact same thing happened to me on seroquel. One person’s miracle med is another’s downfall.


Abilify either triggered psychosis or it made it worse.
My anxiety and paranoia was unbearable.

I was also hallucinating on it.

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Seroquel made me psychotic. I only took it once. Never again.


Nope they have always worked. The only thing I did get was terrible anxiety from abilify

Not that I’m aware of.

Not really but haloperidol and clozapine made me into a zombie and seroquel didn’t help at all

I’ve had some that didn’t do anything (Abilify, Vraylar, and Rexulti), but none of the one’s I’ve tried have ever made me worse.

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