Have any of you done public speaking?

It can be a real bender. You know who was excellent at the art of public speaking - Hitler. I should study that man more.


He needed a country full of frustrated followers of authority. Without them, he’d have gotten nowhere. (Google “Eric Hoffer.”)

And I have done a lot of p/s. The voices sometimes get really loud and emotional, telling me I am a “complete fraud” and “unqualified” and “keep my ideas to myself” and “when we want to hear from you, we’ll beat it out of you” and, and, and.

I just check to see if the paper I am presenting makes empirical and rational sense. If it does, I tell the voices to go stand in the corner.

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He FOUND himself in a country full of frustrated followers. Right or wrong, the man took a stand.

And 34 million people died. (I mean… ???)

Yeah, he conned a whole country in front of the world. He made them think that they were better than everybody else. That they were superior. Funny how murdering people can make you feel superior. I don’t know if I would choose to emulate Hitler. How about Ghandi instead? Or Churchill or Roosevelt? They were inspiring speakers who were on the right side. Poor Churchill suffered from depression. "The Black Dog’ he called it.

So? What’s so unique about taking a stand? History is full of leaders of countries who took stands. Hitler took a stand and 6 million Jews were slaughtered Is his stand really something to be admired? If everybody on these forums was living in Hitler’s Germany, we would have been slaughtered along with the Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, and anyone who disagreed with him. But I see your point, I’m just arguing for the sake of argument. Yes, he was inspiring and motivational and he makes a good psychological case study. But he was wrong in his motives and goals and world view and eventually he took his country into ruin.

I don’t know about there being a “right side” when countries are at war. War has been called a “nation in suicide”. The “right side” during Vietnam, to me, was all the people who dared to refuse to go to war. That was also taking a stand and it was very difficult.

It was war fever at the time. One American WW2 vet told me that during that war, people couldn’t wait to get in.

We’re publicly speaking right now aren’t we?

Can’t get more public than this.

The difference between visual and auditory stimulation.

I want to try public speaking,near the places I am living there is one club called toastmasters,where you can practice public speaking would love to join this as I believe it would helped my speaking skills

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Of course there’s a right side in wars. Isn’t it obvious that the wrong side was Hitler and his followers who aggressively tried to conquer the world solely for his own purposes, namely for power and control for Germany and everybody else be damned? Hitler tried to exterminate a whole race based on his own prejudices. That seems to put him in the wrong.Sure history is written by the winners which made the Roman Empire, The British Empire, and Napoleans conquests seem noble and something to be admired. But times were different .back then. The Allies were not fighting for territory or world control, they were fighting for freedom and they were defending themselves from a madman. That puts them in the right in my book. Vietnam is a whole different story.

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By the way, I once stood up in front of a hundred people at a CA meeting and talked “off the cuff” (off the top of my head) for 15 minutes about addiction and my experiences. At the end I got a round of applause and then I sat at the table in front of the whole group for the remaining 45 minutes next to the women who was running the meeting.

And yes, my dad and his friends couldn’t wait to turn 18 and go overseas and fight the Nazis and the Japanese. They were disappointed when the war ended before they could be in it. And I think that was typical at the time.

Good for you. You believed in yourself and what you had to say.

Thanks, we all had addiction in common and they are very non-judgemental in those meetings.

None of what I wrote is personal against you of course Chordy, I’m just interested in history and I like to talk about it.

I’m interested, too, but have a different perspective. Your pal, Roosevelt, was not very nice to German Americans.

Or Japanese-Americans.

Are you German?