Has anyone else ever read Adolf Hitlers autobiography?

I read it when I was fried out being sz for 5 years and not being on meds. NOT a good idea btw.

But a must read anyhow. I felt like Hitler was sitting accross the table from me talking to me while I was reading it. What a charismatic person.

I should say that I’m not a white nationalist. I just think it’s good to remember we the past so you don’t ha e to relive it.


I have always wanted to read it. Just never got around to it. :bird::bird::bird:

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It’s public domain and free on the kindle. That’s how I found it

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I hope it comes with a foreword warning about the dangers of charismatic psychos. Hitler alongside Stalin and possibly Genghis Khan are the worst criminals / mass murderers the world has ever seen.

Makes Charles Manson look like a baby holding a lollipop.


Yes. Exactly. There is a quip by Hitler - “What luck it is for rulers that men do not think.” Look at what blind obedience got the Germans. Eternal vigilance is the price of democracy.


Main Kamph? I nearly got rid of a friend when I was 16 because of that. If you think you can learn something from Hitler, you can go ■■■■ yourself.

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When Hitler was little he nearly drowned in a river but a priest saved him. Or so I read somewhere.

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You can learn what NOT to do. You can learn to see the signs of approaching dictatorship. You can see what depths of depravity humanity can sink to, and learn how to oppose it. No. You can’t learn anything constructive from Hitler, but you can learn how to predict future Hitlers.


Seriously Gals And or Guys,

Why Would You Really Want to?.

It’s Like Watching Stories About Serial Killers?.

They Killed People, Now They Are Either Dead or in Prison.

Let Them Rot.


His early years spent growing up poor in Southern California really shaped his later philosophies. Being poor there made him bitter and it was a little known fact but when he was head of Germany just the sight of a surfboard or a song by the Beach Boys would cause him to fly into fits of uncontrolable rage.


I read it years ago when I was in college, I thought it was the boring work of a narcissist.


Before I go blank myself there is much to learn from Hitler. It don’t mean that it will be positive and good.
But the reason so many books are written about Adolph Hitler and WWII is because the story of one man who galvanized a nation into following his rascist views is facinating in history. What he accomplished and what he “almost” accomplished is no small feat To dismiss Hitler as a one-dimensional leader who tried to turn the world into one big Arryan run
nation is not giving him credit. Sure he was evil, but he’s a case study for our and future generation. Anyone who can consistently stand up in front of an audience of a 100,000 people or more and inspire them with his speeches and move all of them and most of the nation is a man who should be studied and analyzed.


Here Kid’s!.

Something a Bit More Interesting Than a Mindless Murdering Freak in Which Means Absolutely Nothingness.

How About a Great, Inspiring, Fulfilling Band With Deep Insight, And Progressive Humour.

Not to Mention Some Insanely Amazing Music Videos.

It Comes From a Dark Place (Thus Song as an Example), But Led By Some Beautiful People.

And Discover What ‘Die Eier Von Satan’ Means,

You May Be Surprised at What You May Find (!!!).

Please Enjoy Thus ART, And Walk Away From Insecure Freaks With Nothing to Bring to Earth’s Table But an Embarrassment to Mother Nature… . … :100:

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I’m not enthusiastic enough to read it. But if it was put in front of me I’d skim through it

Might look up his quotes thanks for the idea

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