Have any of you done public speaking?

Ive studied hitler ,apparently he was kinda a jerk.

My Dad came to the US from Germany when he was 16. He became a US citizen.

In what ways was he a jerk?

I never became a US citizen, although I could have. When I was in the US I did some management consulting in many firms and used to do training classes on various subjects in these companies. I would say that was public speaking, but it was 20 years ago before I fell ill. I think that most world leaders are good in public speaking and in acts they commit.

During the all months, I would teach one or two psychology courses. Typically I had one hundred to one hundred fifty people per class.

You have to ask why someone would call Hitler a jerk? Surprises me. When someone tailgates me, that makes them a jerk. When Bill Cosby rapes 50 women that makes him a jerk. When the guy down the street beats up his wife that makes him a jerk. Hitler was responsible for the deaths of 6 million Jews, Now, what does that make him? I’m not castigating you or your father or any German alive today for what Hitler did. But being called a jerk is the least of the insults that you can pile on Hitler that he richly deserves for what he did in WWII.


At least you are standing up for what you believe in.

There’s a lot to be said for that.

NOT dissing you or @chordy , but… if one’s beliefs are way out of line with functional reality (say, like Hitler’s or Assad’s or the Kymer Rouge), should we like it that they stand up for them?

I was saying Chordy standing up for their beliefs RIGHT OR WRONG is a start to something more.

Most people don’t even do that much.

It really burns me up when someone professes to one side or another and is not only afraid to stand behind their beliefs but expects others to stand up for them.

I stand up for what I wrote because it obviously makes sense. I made it explicitly clear that I was not demonizing Chordy for her heritage, I was making an obvious point.

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Last time I did public speaking was 2 classes required in college…

Tried Toastmasters here long time ago. Nice people at time, reasonable cost. Makes you think on the fly. But, I think this is now a lost cause. I just have too much social harassment to bother with it…My area is a trash canner anyway so not likely to even use public speaking again except large panel job interviews inflicted on secretaries even…My city is just too far gone to bother with trying to use any of the employment here again as is almost bankrupt city and scamming workers bad. Just gonna move so I can have to rest of my career instead of ruined over and over like the other women…

Think my next job in public will probably involve a library, maybe public presentations of computer software classes I would not mine. One point in time, would have enjoyed working for smaller town chamber of commerce but now think it would get me tortured as I won’t assist with the dirty business people’s projects. Assisted with trainings at my first two career employers so don’t think it a problem but nicer if you are doing corporate trainers and can line up verbal abusers for TERMINATION.

Honestly, I have marketing background and communications background but schizo REALLY is a disability when the strangers start to bother you and you REALLY cannot control the social interactions any longer to represent a company. I had to move to wordpress, social media, blog, graphic design for security…

Sorry, kinda off topic but kinda not.

I used to front a punk band, but that was before. Now I just play by myself in the basement.

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“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

I took an class, oral communications. I also have had to defend things in academia. I am aggressive to begin with. I just try to be polite and not sound condescending. I reek of confidence even at my worst, my last graded speech for a religion class was on ■■■■ I didn’t care about yet I spoke with the authority of a professor.

I took a course in High School and also practiced while I was still a Jehovah’s Witness (I quit being a JW in 2008).

I don’t think I will ever do public discourses or public speaking ever again, I prefer relaxed dialogs & conversations on forums or in-person.

I have to do a speech in front of 180 people for my friends wedding soon.
I talked to a bunch of kids at a youth camp a couple times. That’s about it