Have an appointment tomorrow

Wish me luck. I hope they listen to me this time. I want a med change and if they don’t do it I’m asking them to take me off them and if they refuse I’ll tell them I’ll do it without their consent.

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Why, whats the issue with your meds youre taking currently?

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Good luck. Don’t let them push you around!

Wut? What happened? I thought that

  1. You felt symptom free
  2. You could tolerate abilify
  3. Had a new job you liked
  4. Had goals/ambitions for the future.

Why do you want to switch to something else?!

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Yeah I have the same questions as @everhopeful, if you’re good why mess with it?

I’ve been on these long enough I don’t want TD.

Good luck. I am still detoxing from Abilify. I was jerking & jeering all night in bed last night. It felt good, but it shouldn’t be plausible. I miss days where I wasn’t having Parkinson’s-like motions in my head & neck when trying to fall asleep. I suffer from akathisia, definitely med-induced.

Abilify is one of the safer meds out there.

You dont know what could happen if you switch meds - its a big gamble @anon80629714