Hate the way I look from afar

I find selfies I feel ok but the reality is quite different me being overweight. Im not confident with how I look. But I’m not completely I hate it. :confused: I just don’t like someone else pointing the camera at me.

I think all girls feel that way so don’t magnify it!! do you do some exercise?

I look pretty chubby too I guess :unamused:

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You are not chubby at all. This is what you call chubby.

awww you are so beautiful!!! yeah the camera adds like 40 pounds honestly. Just need to find the right angle :joy:

I think we are the same weight bTW

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This was actually a good angle. In another one I got the baby to hide my huge double chin

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LOL I have a double chin too. I will do liposuction one day when I have extra money :flushed: Because It does not go away

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Is that your baby?

Yes :joy::joy::joy: close enough :frowning:

No he’s my cousins kid. I’m not responsible for kids.

Plus if we same weight I’m definitely bigger cos your taller.

:joy: I don’t even know your weight but we look the same! Just chillax!!! and if you don’t like something, change it :smiley: in time of course.

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If your worried about your weight why not do something about it?

My Dr used to go on about portion size, but I find I make healthier choices if I don’t go food shopping hungry.


It’s not that simple when you have pcos. It’s not an excuse and it shouldn’t be but I won’t lie it’s hard. I was put on metformin to lose. Didn’t help.

I’m gonna ask nurse but she said wait till everything sorted first.

You just need to find something that works for you and stick to it!

I like to read inspirational stories about weight loss.

One of my favourites is when people buy a cheap exercise bike and put it in view of the TV.

I have a colleague who does it!

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yeah you can do it!!! I wanna start exercise soon :smiley: excited!
And you are so beautiful…

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Only when the camera is crabby lols :joy: thanks :slightly_smiling_face: I’m gonna go to nurse and ask for diet plan. The reason I got fed up was because one time I exercised bloody hard for 45 mins 5 days a week … I toned but no weight loss. I need to choose a pcos related diet.

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Aerobic exercise such as jogging/running or swimming where you sweat and burn the calories.

It’s 20% how you train and 80% what you eat apparently…

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I have a feeling it’s not how much I’m eating but what I’m eating.

I skip breakfast today like always

I had a bowl of rice two big spoons of it

And yougart.

I’ve been told I don’t eat enough but I’m thinking it’s what I’m eating.