Has your schizophrenia been misdiagnosed / Or has your disorder, disease or condition been diagnosed as schizophrenia

I more or less self diagnosed myself with ADD which could have been related to the early stages of schizophrenia. I know the meds helped me concentrate a lot better but I like how they made me feel as well, they ended up making me more paranoid once my first psychotic break happened.

Now my focus is pretty bad and I may see about non stimulant ADD medication to see if that can help me, maybe not.


Hope you are doing well?

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Hope you are ok?
Gotcha and you sound switched on enough to know and understand your own body.
Hope you are recieving the support and help you need?

Yeah I was on Ritalin at age 25, it’s dangerous bc it does make you feel good. Looking back I think it’s a coincidence that my schizophrenia got unmasked in those few weeks. My development was super insidious so the clues relieve me that it wasn’t that much a drug induced psychosis that made me schizophrenic. Still it muddies my timeline in trying to understand myself and the disorder better. @everhopeful’s article about drugs and psychosis did make me think though.

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Hi moon, i agree to your to be fair statement. R u ok?

Hi dNA, who were you referring too?

To you;

Paraphrenia is considered the last stage of schizophrenia, it doesnt affect the person’s intelligence or personality. They suffer from complex logic delusions.

But this disorder is nowhere in the books.

Hi dollar, lets all be honest all these meds etc really at end of day arent really good for us. They are human produced chemicals, which can be very dangerous, although some of them can help people, are they the best solutions (not really in my opinion ) although can be a short term solution (and some may say a long term

Hi dna, i wasnt referring to paraphrena as such directly. More to all of the conditions that are related in the similar family

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I’m 41 now and have enough life experience to debate both sides, but the deal maker is the meds keep me out of psychosis(I had a long one) it was the scariest thing that ever happened to me. Miraculous I lived to talk about it.

Just one example is I fell off the wagon in Vegas when I ran away(It’s a long story) but it was winter and I didn’t have a coat and I passed out in the desert(again Vegas), any other setting along that trip would have been deadly. Really crazy stuff.

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@Neville yeah I have good support in place and I am aware of the changes to me but that doesn’t make things less scary, losing your grip on reality is not fun, I just hope I can have my memory get better.

I’ve heard that I had some autistic traits.
But still diagnosed sz and I think it’s accurate.
My mom thought I was autistic when I was younger.

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Happen to me!
I found out I had Aspergers when I got off my meds
Schizophrenia and autism is comorbid
You can be diagnosed with both pretty easily…
Antipsychotics help manage autism symptoms anyways…
But I would fight for a diagnosis most definitely!
To get the therapy and help that you need being on the spectrum
Being autistic needs a very special kind of care

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i was diagnosed with sz 11 years ago.
first my pdoc told me its personality disorder(I don’t know what he meant by that)
later on he told me I have sz.
but I didn’t exhibit positive symptoms, I had negative ones which I think r more deadly.

sometimes I wonder whether I am really schizophrenic.
the meds haven’t made the symptoms go away.
its just that it has made me calmer.
but I always feel I m stoned and mind disintegrated and difficulty thinking.
years just pass by w/o my condition improving, that friggin sucks.

I am not sure if I will pursue a spectrum disorder.

I have had it with my psychologist.

She is playing mind games with me and I don’t like it


Despite what anyone ever tells me, I know my mental health part of it was caused by PTSD. I had/have a combo of food sensitivities and low vitamins and PTSD. I am a survivor and I never got justice. I was stalked for decades. I am not going to be further marginalized by a label that basically says everything you see or hear is a hallucination. This disempowers victims of abuse.


Most likely a misunderstanding
Which I have with people all the time…
I only get things if they are presented a precise way with a lot of details!
Good luck!

You should look into the benefits of getting your autism diagnosed and see if that’s worth it to you

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I had a doctor who failed to diagnose my schizophrenia and did not prescribe enough meds. I almost lost my career. A proper diagnosis of schizophrenia and meds saved my life.
We have to be careful of first time posters who trash medicine due to anti-medical religious who come here.


I just wanted to say welcome to the forum!!!

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