Has your schizophrenia been misdiagnosed / Or has your disorder, disease or condition been diagnosed as schizophrenia

Please be open minded that schizophrenia is being misdiagnosed.
Ive witnessed this first hand and wouldnt like to see this happen again

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Well if you mean it was misdiagnosed as something else, I had a bpd diagnosis before that was incorrect.

For sure. My cognitive decline was first diagnosed as ADHD, and a later Pdoc prescribed the meds but didn’t articulate the disorder. Full years went by, before I looked up Schizophrenia on Wikipedia. The silver lining is that I worked longer(by hook or by crook) and my SSDI is probably higher.

No. I was told yesterday by my case manager that my diagnosis is not going to change

Did you ask them to change it?

Threads like this make me wonder if I even have sza :S

I told them I didn’t believe their diagnosis practises

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Could you elaberate a little more pls??

Yes misdiagnosed as something else and or some other health issue/disease/disorder is diagnosed as being schizophrenia

Elaborate on which part?

To be fair most misdiagnoses happen because its early on and presentation isnt clear. At least for me thag was the case. I mean the psychiatrist even told me it wasnt clear what j had sk theh assumed bpd which is kind of â– â– â– â– â– â–  up but it is what it is. In reality I had prodormal schizophrenia.

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You’re probably thinking of Paraphrenia.

lol …

Whats your diag ?? What do u believe you have??

Hi Moon can you elaberate a little more ???

I am diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, but my psychologist says I might have autism and need an assessment.

I read online that autism can cause people to go psychotic, so I was questioning whether they mis diagnosed me at all.

I am very unhappy at the moment

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Ok… yes agree particularly early days are difficult. If you believe you have misdiag keep researching etc and keep pushing docs to keep doing tests etc if you think you are not improving. A lot of other issues etc are labeled scz because its easy for medical professions to go that road

Hi Fade, i am so sorry to hear you are unhappy atm. I know all about unhappy and plenty of others moods etc.
I am here when possible to offer any help possible.
Also please see your doc and let me know asap, maybe u need some added support etc from that avenue.

Also too everyone: i am new to this site etc please go easy with me and be patient as i workout this system we are chatting in…
Gee i hope these forums info etc data is humans and not computer bots

Why???is that guy??

I went to the psychologist for depression, ended up with major depression diagnosis, but also schizophrenia, which I rejected.

A few years later, I moved and had to get another doctor…I showed up to that first meeting feeling good, and subsequently masked it real good, to the point the doctor and psychotherapist didn’t believe I had schizophrenia. I tried to get away with it as long as possible, until they recieved medical reports from previous doc.

After they got the reports, they all claimed i did indeed have the bug…kind of crushing really…i tell no one. My secret and my comfortable prison inside my mind…