Has your family been supportive

Nope. 0 percent. My parents are hugely anti-therapy and anti-psychiatry. My dad just isn’t someone I can talk to about any of that stuff. My mom would hug me and then just tell me that everyone deals with stress and sadness and I just had to accept it as a part of life. (I’ve never told either of them about my psychosis, I seek help privately for it, but I did tell my mom about my struggles with anxiety and depression) After stressing to my mom the severity of my anxiety and how deeply it was affecting me, she seemed to get overwhelmed and told me to get over it, that I wasn’t ill, homeless people on the street were ill, the mentally ill were people who lived outside of society and couldn’t function, not perfect girls like me.

Then she did everything she could to discourage me from seeking help. Finally I just had to start going in behind their backs because I became suicidal and was really scared and couldn’t see my life improving. When I eventually told my mom I had been seeing someone, she was fine with it but didn’t want to talk about it. They just don’t want to know anything about that side of me I guess, or don’t want to accept it.

Aside from this they’re very loving and good parents, the lack of support has really been difficult though and has definitely made it so I will never open up about my psychosis to them. It’s also hard because I have NO ONE to support me in my personal life, because my friends wouldn’t understand and I’d NEVER burden my siblings with that knowledge. Telling people would just stress them out or confuse them. My burden is my own to bear. It’s difficult for me because I don’t seem like a stereotypical “mentally ill” person because I function well in society, have good hygiene and all that.

But like someone said to me on here once, Just because you’re functioning ok doesn’t mean that you’re ok. Bah. It’s just really hard sometimes. But that’s why we have this forum, eh? Haha.

My family was the same way, still is to this day. They know of my illness but we never talk about it. Even when I lived with them we almost never talked about it. I think my mom was in denial or maybe afraid of talking about it. Maybe she just didn’t understand.

They’ve been supportive of me in general but the topic of my illness was almost taboo.