Has anyone treid B3 treatment

Hi everyone,
Has anyone here tried B3 treatment at mega dose?
I have come across this treatment and I saw that many patients recorded good results. It apparently reduce Dopamine and Adrenaline toxicity.
I tried B1 at 100mg and I didn’t feel well, it seems that it increase dopamine too much.
Any experience with these two?

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It’s a bogus treatment. It doesn’t work. Vitamin b3 has no antipsychotic properties whatsoever. Stick with antipsychotic meds.

I tried it and it doesn’t work.


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Yes. No effect whatsoever. Only supplement that I’ve found to work so far is sarcosine. Only natural remedy that works well is probiotic bacteria – helps with negative symptoms.

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I’ve used it a bit. I sometimes found it to be relaxing. I had a drink one time with a 200% DV which is not a “large” amount but it was relaxing and more than that made me feel weird, it can cause some stomach cramping.

Diet can help things a lot. Something that isn’t talked about enough and recognized by doctors enough is how the meds work against you when you have metabolic issues induced from the drugs. If you have metabolic syndrome I would try to work to improve that if it’s possible. You won’t cure symptoms with diet but you can help them.

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Thanks for you reply. What about the dose of B3 you tried? I’m thinking of starting with 100mg and work it up as needed.

I haven’t tried B3 on its own but only things B vitamins do for me is give me motivation and energy for a few hours.
Though too much at times makes it backfire and makes me feel all tense.

On another note, this could’ve also been from the L-theanine and Caffeine in the gummies I was taking, I don’t know, though B Vitamins are more known to give energy.

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The flushing kind of B3 (Niacin, not Niacinamide,) increases bloodflow in the brain, and can reduce anxiety. I use it daily, makes me feel closer to normal for a few hours.

I used Niacinamide before for a few weeks but it didn’t do much.

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Thanks for your reply. Could you please let me know which dose you are taking?

I can. I am seeing a doctor who does orthomolecular medicine, IN ADDITION TO my allopathic psychiatrist. I take 500 mg extended release niacin (Niatain™) three times a day per the instructions of my doctor.

I’d never suggest to anyone to self medicate though. I’m under the care of two doctors; a psychiatrist and a functional medicine doctor.

I take roughly 1.5 grams of flushing Niacin 3 to 4 times a day, depending on mood. The flushing kind of Niacin seems safe for the liver (might actually reverse fatty liver disease), but be careful not to take high doses of the non-flushing kind.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8309029 is a study about the differences between the two types of Niacin, SR being the sustained release, non-flushing kind, and IR being the immediate release, flushing kind. “Acanthosis nigricans” is darkening of the skin, mostly in skin folds. I’m getting that on my ankles, it’s not a big price to pay for being able to function.

It’s best to adjust dose by the guidance of a medical professional, maybe an Orthopedic doctor or naturopath. I wouldn’t recommend 1.5 grams right off the bat, since the first flush reaction tends to be quite strong, and you might become concerned due to the extreme nature of it. If I take it regularly, the flush reaction is a slight tingling sensation in my brain and a feeling of comfort, but if I stop taking Niacin for a few days and then take it again, the flush reaction is pretty strong.

I can’t remember the dose for sure but I think it was 100mg 2-3x a day. I currently take a B Complex which includes B3. My B6 had tested very low and I noticed a significant benefit after being on the B Complex. I would recommend having your levels tested before you start anything. Meds can screw things up and if your diet isn’t great for whatever reason (meds can definitely affect that) a supplement could help.