Anyone try vitamin b6 for akathisia

Just Google “vitamin b6 for akathisia” and you’ll see a few studies saying it can alleviate some akathisia. 1200mg a day in the studies but I’m gonna try 600mg a day and see if I notice a difference. I don’t want to try prescription drugs like cogentin or propranolol because of the side effects. Just curious if any of you have ever tried vitamin b6 specifically for akathisia. If not I’ll report back if I notice a difference


Thank you for sharing this @Swaq I will give it a try soon :slight_smile:

I take 500mg magnesium. It works well. I started taking it for RLS, but it works for the akathisia as well. If it’s bad I’ll take 1000 mg.


what is akathisia

Akathisia is when you are restless and can’t stand still. you have the urge to move your feet always.


Pretty much restless leg syndrome but it’s caused by the drugs you take for schizophrenia, simplest way of explaining it I can think of

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Update I took about 600mg of vitamin b6 yesterday, while going to bed after taking latuda, the time of the day when akathisia really hits me I still had motor restlessness but the emotional distress didn’t really kick in, which is my main source of suffering. So I’ll continue the b6 supplementation and see if I see a steady amelioration of the emotional aspect of akathisia induced my latuda. Hopefully these results aren’t a placebo and will stay consistent


Thanks for discovering this.

Be careful with megadosing Vitamin B6, it can cause neuropathy over 800 mg


What is this emotional aspect? An example, please? I’m on Vraylar and it may be causing a kind of turmoil inside. Thanks.

Emotional distress, a feeling of intense dread, unease, anxiety, hopeless cynical thinking, even dissociation. Not fun stuff.

I experienced akathisia the most when on latuda 80mg and lexapro 20mg. In retrospect I suffered needlessly for a good 6 to 8 months feeling completely awful right after I took latuda. I’m on latuda 60mg now and off of lexapro. Much less emotional akathisia, considerable less physical akathisia. Like honestly I would take latuda then an hour later get a feeling of dread sink in to where I would have to go to sleep, because I knew the feeling wasn’t there when I woke up. I would get panicky if I took my latuda before work or before hanging out with friends because I wasn’t at home to be able to just go upstairs and sleep. When I did lay down for bed I would toss and turn and lay face down slowly and repeatedly kicking my legs off the bed until sleep came. I’d rather experience my father dying again than go through that every night for months like I’ve already done. Horrible, horrible side effect. Doctors need to understand what they’re putting their patients through with mindlessly prescribing drugs.


Another update I took 600mg vitamin b6 again and tonight my legs and toes are actually still. I don’t have to move them like I normally do. The benadryl may have helped with this but I’ve built up a tolerance for benadryl so I can’t really attribute it to diphemhydramine. I think the b6 supplementation may actually be alleviating akathisia. I’m happy. Like i said before though I hope it continues.

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make sure you take an additional bcomplex supplement and also a multivitamin and also magnesium at half the dose of b6 as b6 alone can reduce the above and can cuase tingling of the limbs . the bcomplex supplement should be around 100 mg of the major b vitamins

i would suggest taking the herb centella asiatica whihc is a high source of vitamin b6 asit is b alanace d with other vitmains so as to not cause side effects it is also good for sound sensitivity .b6 taken alobne sometimes can aggravate sound sensitivity particularly for those who take without magnesium

i like the B combo in general.

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