Has anyone here sucessfully quit snoking using Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

Hi, Im using nicorette spray, its hard, I keep relapsing. What is your experience with NRT and which product was most effective?

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I tried gumms, inhalator, under the lip, Pastills,
All tastes like mint. Favourite is inhalator i think.

I haven’t had a cigarette in 7 months using Nicorette Spray. I swear by it and recommend it to anyone that will listen lol. I had tried every other product previously without success. Perhaps you are just not ready to quit yet.

Set yourself a quit date in the future and really psych yourself up for it.

Im on nicorette spray also! But its real expensive inbmy country, in UK you can get two for 12£, in my country it costs 22€ one

Yes, I agree it is very expensive costing $70.00 Australian Dollars for three, but worth it to me as a packet of cigarettes here is astronomical in price.

You can do it. It’s all a mindset.

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