Does anyone smoke,are you a smoker

im trying to quit.any suggestions.

My drum teacher chews nicotine gum.

Champix. Didn’t even finish the course but it’s hard because most gps get shitty prescribing it because people don’t do the course…Horrible money to smoke in Oz these days. Get off it if possible. I did it 10 years ago because it was too expensive.

I’m actually desperately trying to quit at the moment. I smoke upto 40-60 a day typically. That’s costing me everything. Especially since I’m trying to save for a masters programme after I finish my current course. It is so demotivating and also so upsetting when you pick it up again. I have the gum (nicotine gum) and it works a little bit for withdrawal but you still crave an actual cigarette.

I guess I just have to put more effort into weightlifting and try get highs of adrenaline off of that just enough to maintain interest and divert myself from going to buy cigs. It’s difficult though. Shouldn’t be at all, but is.

I dont smoke, However, I sold cigarette for about 7 yeasrs in a kiosk.

I smoke. I quit recently for 2 months and started up again. Other times when I quit for a few months I used lozenges. That helped quite a bit.

I just stopped. I really didn’t want to smoke anymore.

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