Has anyone here ever relapsed while on medication?

If so, how long did it take?

@sleepybug relapsed while on meds.

If you use cannabis, you’ll relapse even if you are on meds


I had several relapses when I was on seroquel alone. I was always in the hospital.

I’ve been on abilify for 2 years and no relapse.

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I relapsed in 2013 and it lasted for around 6 months.

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I o.d.'ed on some pills while I was on medication, but it wasn’t a suicide attempt and I wasn’t psychotic. I had to go to the mental hospital for a while, but that was all.
When I was on the Haldol shot they were decreasing my dose. I also was taking ephedrine pills, drinking a lot of coffee, and working out enough to raise my adrenaline levels. I had a major relapse. I went a week without sleeping. I totally ruined a family reunion. While my relatives and family were sitting around making nice conversation I was pacing back and forth fuming about death and destruction. I had to go to the hospital that time too.

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yes I have and I’m only just getting over it now.

It has taken about six months.

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Kinda I had reduced in addition to the reduction recommended by a PDoc!

The day I got sectioned I hadn’t taken my meds the night before, but I don’t think that’s why and it wasn’t mentioned to me in hospital.

The PDoc they gave my case to didn’t acknowledge the reduction in medication he just went on how my meds aren’t working and he wanted me on Risperodone. (Man boobs no thanks!!!)

After a lot of drama and 3 meds later I got out of my 3 month involuntary stay in hospital.

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I did and it was drug induced (shrooms alcohol caffeine mixed together…bad combo…don’t try)…that said I didn’t need the hospital…I just became very depersonalized and anxious. That was what made me go to the sober house…

I’ve never needed the hospital while I was on meds…all 6 times I was off meds…but I have had some bad bad symptoms despite the meds.

My med combo right now has me very very stable though…we’ve increased the abilify multiple times and added naltrexone

I kinda have mini relapses - a few weeks here and there. But nothing like the first major break.


I recently had a relapse. These happen quite often, even though I have medication. It doesn’t take the symptoms away, I’m most of the time mildly psychotic.

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Yes. About a week or two.

I relapsed. Needed higher dose of my meds. On 25 mg Abilify since last spring. No relapse for a year.

Currently going through a relapse even though I’m on medication and have been for about a year or so. I’ve been seeing new visual hallucinations

Breakthrough symptoms -yes all the time. A full relapse is possible but there has to be other factors involved such as a absence of quality sleep for several days, stress and a bunch of other stuff you thought wasn’t possible at the time. Sz is relentless.

I smoked some weed last Saturday… stupid mistake.

I’ve had small symptoms this whole week. When I smoked it it didn’t go well either.

Hope it will end soon

Wow i think i made this post last year. Haven’t relapsed, yet.

i have relapsed while on risperidone three times, fanapt, and invega sustenna

Yes because of monster drinks.

I’ve been sick all during the time period when I’ve been on meds that didn’t work so well. Sometimes for many, many years.