Has anyone had success with invega


I just got a bunch of 3 mg and 6 mg samples to start, and I’m wondering about its safety and effectiveness for people who’ve taken it…


Its very effective. You wont get tired, but there may be other side effects.


I take the injection of invega (Invega sustenna) and have no delusions or voices but I do get tired sometimes during the day and can NEVER fall to sleep I dont know if its just something this med does to me or if its common but its really annoying and it will probably give you sexual dysfunction…


My son is currently being switched from Risperidone to Invega. Will see how it goes.


I don’t want to take it. I haven’t started it because I had a bad 15 minutes session with my psychiatrist after waiting for 50 minutes being 15 minutes early.He said I sounded like I wasn’t med compliant because I wanted to switch to a non-anti-psychotic and that I was not focusing because I was emotional but I’m not emotional I have bronchitis from smoking and I just quit smoking cigarettes so yeah I’m a little on edge. My dad is also on a vacation atm. He stresses me out too. I don’t want to take this crap anymore. I just want out. I’ve never been on Invega. I don’t have sexual side effects. I don’t hallucinate or get paranoid WHEN I AM WITHOUT MEDICATION TOO. But I still have schizophrenia. So what do I do? Abilify worked but it made me apathetic to the point of social vulnerability.


I feel more normal without medication, period.


I had good success with Invega. In 2009-2010, I was off meds and livin in a permatrip- constant hallucinatory state every waking second. Went on Invega 3 mg, and in two weeks every last hallucination was gone. I had my mind back, although that wasn’t a rose garden. It is very strong against psychotic symptoms, not so good for anxiety, concentration and focus issues.

It is much less sedating than most APs, and a well tolerated medication. Only side effects I had were minor dizzy spells upon initiation which abated, anhedonia, and decreased metabolism but the latter is pretty much a side effect of all APs due to adrenergic antagonism common in APs. No movement disorder, it does not touch dopamine receptors in the substantia nigra (pars compacta) that regulate voluntary motor functions. It only hits the D2 type dopamine receptors which are for pleasure and reward. So a risk of anhedonia and sexual problems.

It’s worth a shot, other meds have worse side effect profiles than Invega.

I had part time jobs since 2010, worked two jobs for a while. No problem with alertness, so I can drive. I haven’t needed to be in a psychiatric hospital since my psychotic break in 2009 before meds. But, ultimately, it is up to you to choose whether to take it or not. My first dose, I felt no difference. In two weeks, big difference!


I just took it. I think it might help my friends are saying it’s a good medication for racing thoughts.


Good luck. I hope it works out for you!


I was on Invega 9mg. At lower doses I exhibited symptoms. It was the best med to me individually. I never had erectile dysfunction while on it. It was really a kick ass med except for the weight gain was crazy. About all I can say on Invega.


Invega helps my son. Thank god for it.


All these comments have been very helpful. It’s now been about 3-4 days of Invega 3mgs. I noticed first, that I couldn’t sleep after I took it so I’m now taking it in the morning. It’s helpful with my mood it seems the most. I feel calm and less obsessive. Is it helpful for Bipolar? I don’t have any delusions and I can focus better. I’m not freaking out on it but I’m still a little nervous. I’m also starting up Vyvanse again. I’m just worried because IDK if it will help with hallucinations, I wasn’t hallucinating before I took it, but after I took it I began feeling a sense of relief and joy, I was also reflecting on my past “getting stuck” moments where I would just feel stuck in the same thoughts. I hope this medication will make me unstuck.


I’ve had mixed input about weight gain. A friend said he was taken off it because he was losing weight on it, and an older woman’s bf is taking it for schizoaffective. She said it helps with his mood. Like he’s not angry anymore etc. Does it help with anxiety? My psychiatrist told me that I needed to stabilize my mood that it would help with anxiety etc. I do feel much more emotionally present on Invega then on Abilify which may have been worsening my compulsions and not effective enough for depression, more like a bandaid for depression that I wore for too long. I feel like I can feel more of my emotions.


I was on Invega before, I liked it but had to get off of it because it interacted with the Depakote that I was on. This drug is really identical to my favorite - Risperdal, they are basically the same drug. Invega for me was less sedating than Risperdal, but I did like it - good luck with it