Has anyone had a reaction between medication and citrus fruits? (My first topic)

I noticed that I get a negative reaction if I drink citrus juice, especially if it is close to when I take the meds. I noticed this with orange juice. And especially with bergamot which is in some teas.

Basically it makes my head uncomfortable, and I have gotten frozen facial expressions and difficulty thinking and speaking.

I’m on zyperxa.

Has anyone else had similar interactions?


This is pretty common, usually with grapefruit. If you google grapefruit medicine interaction, you will get some interesting results.

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No but I stopped eating grapefruit since starting antipsychotics.

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Also smoking can reduce blood levels of some meds so you will need a higher dose.

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Yeah, I read about grapefruit in the medicine pamphlet. I imagine that is probably much worse than with orange juice. But maybe pretty close to bergamot. Bergamot is a killer for me. I remember people at work was concerned about my wellbeing because of the way I was.

I really started paying attention to what ingredients are in stuff so I don’t poison myself with interactions.

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