Orange juice problem

So I tried drinking orange juice again, even though I knew I shouldn’t because last time I got really foggyheaded, couldn’t focus my vision good, and just hard to think straight. This made the workday rough today.

The juice interacts with Zyprexa is what’s happening. Too bad, because I really like orange, but it’s not worth it at all to drink it.


Dya know how it interact?

No, but I know grapefruit is listed as having major interaction with zyprexa and other AP’s. I assume it’s because orange also is a citrusfruit, and I get a similar interaction, although probably a lot less severe than grapefruit.

Honestly I think it’s raising your blood sugar. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I agree about the blood sugar hypothesis. Grapefruit contains a chemical called quercetin that interacts with many meds but orange juice does not have it. I know that when my blood sugar is high it affects my vision, and OJ raised sugar very easily.


You shouldn’t be drinking it anyways. Most store bought orange juice has a ton of sugar. Better to cut it out of your diet.


I doubt it. All other fruitjuices except citrus I am ok on.

Pre meds I had no trouble drinking orange.

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It’s not because of quercetin in my case. I take a concentrated quercetin supplement. No problems.

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Does high blood sugar affect voices? Like bring them on?

What has your researched suggested is causing the symptoms from the orange juice?

Fruit juices are basically sugar water

Best to stay away from store bought orange juice

Don’t know. There is very little information or research about citrus and AP’s.

I also need to know about fermented food .

Because most of the breakfast is this.

And I feel really sleepy after that.

But for others it’s a light food.

I never had this issue. But only after meds.

Also I started to get acid reflux :nauseated_face: for some food.

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