Has anyone ever saved your life?

I jumped on top of a commuter train and someone saw me riding on top and called the police. The train was stopped on the other side of the river. I was about to fall off. I would have died for sure.


Begrudgingly, I would say the police who took me into hospital for the first time. I was hours away from testing my theory that I couldn’t die , by jumping in front of a car.

An anel saved my life b4, my prove is in my mind

Many times. But your story is a one off ! Thank God your alive.
I jumped onto a moving car and it threw me right over the roof. I got up and hobbled off!! I still feel the pain in my back. I’ve definitely damaged it


my mom when i tried to stab myself in my heart she kept it from penetrating all the way in

also Boston police caught me from jumping off the Tobin bridge i still don’t know how they made it in time

My mom. I was going to overdose on Delsym but she found some of my messages in time and hospitalized me

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i once was going to die in the sea, i had no more energy, i was about to just let go, the life guards came up with a boat and saved me.

am a suicide saviour in 2000, but i lived to tell d tale

I went to my mother’s house on my lunch break from work. She was making stew. She told me to serve myself a bowl but it was hot. I blew on a piece of potato and put it in my mouth but it was still too hot I kinda panicked a little and was going to spit it out but it went the wrong way and lodged in my throat. I couldn’t breathe. I got my mother’s attention and pointed to my throat. My mother very calmly turned me around and did the Heimlich maneuver on me and the potato went shooting across the room. I gasped for air. My mother saved my life.


Brother saved my life when I went missing. I love my family…

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That reminds me of a time when I was a kid when I swallowed a whole chicken bone and my uncle had to reach down my throat and pull it out.


my neighbour two months ago saved my life shen i had had a stroke she phoned for help


My aunt convinced my mom to take me to hospital when I was very little. I was totally passive and inactive. Turned out I had some sort of infection.

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Several times from bullets :stuck_out_tongue:

Some sutras, Ribhu Gita, Upanishads and other religions texts keep me alive

The Zen master said that I was going to be lost in a storybook land. I no longer read books much but that wasn’t what he meant.

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My ex-boss threatened me after he fired me. Literally got in my face and threatened to kill me for about 5 minutes straight. I called the police and they said there’s nothing they could do. I was 19. The guy never did anything, I never saw him again.

Cut to: I’m 26 years old sitting in a restaurant having coffee with my dad and somehow this incident comes up in our conversation. He tells me that after I told him about my boss threatening me, he went down there himself to the guys business and told the guy that if he played a finger on me my dad would beat him up. My dad never told me that before. So who knows? Maybe my dad saved my life.

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