Poem: Man Saved

First, you tried to drink yourself to death
I saved you, took back from the hospital
then you went with cops to the police lock-up
I saved you from there
just in time before you died to the blood poisoning
then months passed
events happened
you collapsed, unconscious, took you to the hospital
came back to your home, nearly died
by I saved you again, took you to the surgery
stayed weeks at the hospital, came back again
the summer went over, came the fall
you fell again
a day after hearing about the death of your siblings
blue lips, unconscious again as before
gave some heart massage
you revived again
in the parking lot of a store
came back from the hospital, a day after
and so months passed again
and you fell again
at this time on the floor of the library
gave the mouth-to-mouth first aid
you revived, rose to live again
and the life continued
people died, all your friends dead
not coming back
then came the fall again
took you to the hospital ER
you disappeared from the hospital
to somewhere without any reason
got I call, called the emergency number
saved you again, eight days in the hospital
and so on
can tell many more stories
how I saved you
how you survived
all your friends dead
you are alive
living, well, alive
on the Earth.

This poem is about my father whose life I saved many times. Without me he woud be dead already. He still lives. It is a real story as most of my poems are.

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