I accomplished more, one hour ago, in just 45 minutes, than i have in the rest of my entire life

I went for a drive, I’m not supposed to, doc says the roads are too bumpy and could cause problems, but I need to be able to get out of the house, you know?

So I drove down to the park, with my older German Shepherd mix, who is good off leash. We walked around the park, which is open 24/7 as long as you clean up after your dogs. We walked over to the bridge that crosses over the river (just above the hydro-electric dam’s intake pipes) and there was a man on top of the fence that lines both sides of the bridge.

I knew what he was going to do, I think all of us on here have been at that place, when we don’t see any other option. I didn’t say “Stop! Don’t do it!” I didn’t say “Its not the answer!”

I just said “Must be pretty bad huh, you’re here and all.”

The conversation started out jerky at first. I’m not sure how many of you have been talked out of self harm, but those who have, know that the first few minutes are harder to get started with, like when you jump on your bike in the highest gear and immediately start trying to go up a steep hill, it takes a little bit to down shift.

Eventually we went from “Life sucks.” and “Yes it does.” to “Why did she have to do that?” and “I don’t know, but I don’t think she did it to make you do this.”

The guys wife, who he had been married to four six years, and who he had dated for four years before that, cheated on him with his neighbor’s brother.

This guy devoted his life to her, he gave up his college baseball dreams to get a job with his fathers construction company so that she could go to college instead. He worked 50+ hours a week so she could have everything she wanted.

I have been cheated on, I know how it can feel. So I talked to this guy for at least 45 minutes, it may have been longer, I don’t really know. Eventually he climbed off the fence back onto the bridge.

We talked some more, we walked (well I rolled, which sucked when we reached the less maintained areas of the park’s various paths) and I called my oh so precious Luna over to this man, and she went right up to him. To understand why this is significant you have to understand Luna’s personality. She is the momma bear, she wil die to defend her family, but doesn’t like strangers. She didn’t even have to give this guy a sniff, she just started making of him like she does my exes kids (they aren’t mine, though I may get custody if she doesn’t change her ways)

I walked the guy to his car, he tore up the note he had left on his dash, and he drove away.

Its hard to believe for me right now, that I actually did this, it feels so surreal, like a dream or delusion. I keep thinking to myself “It didn’t happen, I’m just having an episode.”

But then I look at the only proof I have of this, a ten dollar bill with the words “God Bless” written on the back…I won’t be spending this bill…I think its going into the same frame as my first dollar.

It’s so hard to think, that just a few years ago, I would have not only let that guy jump, I probably would have joined him…


don’t doubt yourself man you saved his life. I know what you mean it was a little bit of time and some words and what he was thinking of doing like you said every man is driven by it sometimes. life is what you make it.

Wow, well done you

You saved a man’s life. It is likely the most wonderful thing i get to know today. Glad you met him today not before.

That’s quite the story, glad it had a happy ending. Very good of you to help him.

Good work! You need to keep the memory of this locked inside you. It will inspire you for the next time you come across some unfortunate soul in dire straights. This is an example of compassion in action - something we all need to have inside us.

I will say this, helping him made it easier to go through my testing today, I left for the hospital at 630 AM and literally just came through the door a half hour ago (330 AM, the following morning)

For those of you may be wondering, I have to get tested for transplant rejection on a regular basis. They took samples from EVERYWHERE. The only kind of fluid sample they didn’t take was fluid from my freaking brain itself…they even took bone marrow and liver biopsies…

even with pain meds, these tests were very painful, and depressing, because each test came with a million possible negative results. But the idea, the memory, of talking that man down, kept me feeling like I could get through it.

But what really hits home is, I have come so far, from where I was, that instead of always being saved by others, I am instead saving people myself. While I hope to never need to do so again, I now know I can.

Also I came home from my tests and found six new baby bunnies in one of th cages!

Acknowledging our fears and working through them can increase mental productivity :slight_smile:

that’s a good, I’m going to quote you at my next group meeting, on Tuesday.

I once caught a fish that was this big

thats an amazing story yes you should frame that dollar bill i think it is meant to be framed so that it will be a reminder to you in the future what happened :slight_smile: