Has anyone came off of invega sustenna?


How long have you been off the shot?


Its complicated, things are not as bad as i was when i was on invega but i still battle with depression. I cant get drunk from alcohol… and smoking weed isnt good for me either . Its hard for me to say if im normal because ive had many life style changes… ill post a more detail response later but i will tell you this is that things do get better


Thank you. I needed to hear that. It’s been really rough. I can not wait to get this poison out of my system. I wouldn’t recommend this medicine to anyone. There’s too many others.


Yes it is pure poisen.

How this stuff passed trials is mind blowing


Do you think you not being able to get drink or get high has something to do with invega? Depression shouldn’t have anything to do with you getting drunk or high. And do you have your feelings back? Can you enjoy the weather? Hobbies? Is your libido back?


Fadel are you back all the way normal? Can you get joy out of life? Is your libido back?


Joey have your returned back to normal yet?


Yes I masturbate daily.

I was a glorified zombie on invega sustena .

You will get better believe me


Yes it is the shot. I’m zombie like and it sucks. I’ll b happy when I’m past this


Dont know if there are lab tests for dopamine perse , ill check but yeah, probably that med I told u about will definetly help u if youre having problems with arousal . Plus you’ll get more testosterone so youll be closer to the mood changes caused by testo and not being too apathetic. So thats a start. Anyway let me know how it goes if you take caber. I just finished my invega susttena 6 month treatement and it fked up me sexually(anedohnia) and emotionally(apathy), fingers crossed this helps me get back.


Just checked and there are tests to check your neurotransmitters like dopamine serotonin etc… there are 2 an urine test or a spinal tap.


I was put on invega after I had a marijuana induced psychosis. Shortly after my 3rd shot I fell into a deep depression. I then began to notice that I couldn’t feel any emotions. My conversations started to change bc I was not able to pull words. I had bad insomnia and low libido. It’s been 6 months and I haven’t been the same. I understand invega works for some people but for me it changed my life in a bad way.


It is difficult to find the right med. There does not seem to be any science behind it. I suffered badly when I was put on Chlorpromazine injection. The lowest point of my life so far. If you are still on meds I would ask them to change it.


That’s thing I’m not on invega anymore. It’s been 6 months yet I feel the exact same way as I did while on the medication.


What you are describing could be negative symptoms of schizophrenia. A lot of people find out they have the sz profile through doing weed or hash. Have you talked to your doctor?


No I wasn’t diagnosed with schizophrenia. I had drug induced psychosis. i actually came out of my psychosis weeks before they injected me with invega and I was fine. i even had a second opinion bc my parents were mad that they gave the injection to me after I was back to my normal self. The doctors concluded the same that I had drug induced psychosis bc I was under a lot of stress at work and in life. I truly didn’t start to feel like crap until the shot was given to me. It was like someone turned off a light switch in my body and I started to feel bad immediately


I am not a doctor but I can tell you my journey along this road began with drug use, a job change and stress. Also I have relatives who have mental health issues.


I tried invega for a few days. It couldn’t control my psychosis so we switched to risperidone again.


@Gollum yeah I understand that and I appreciate your opinion. But I’ve seen two doctors and none of them concluded that I had schizophrenia. I didn’t experience any symptoms until after I was injected by invega. My current doctor took me off the shot and put me on Wellbutrin to try to reverse the affects I’ve been taking it a couple of weeks but there is still no change


How many injections did you have?