Invega sustenna recovery

I took 1 156mg shot of this medicine in shot form who else knows if this is permanent or not and how long do the effects stay for

5 half lives of the drug. 1 half life is 24-49 days, so it will remain in your system for about 120-245 days.

So, 4-8 months.

Thankyou darling

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You think I’ll be back to normal by. Then?

The physical effects sometimes take longer to heal, but the drug itself will likely be 100% gone by 8.5 months.

Thank you mate have you taken this drug before

I was on it for a number of months, it took about 6-8 months to feel back to normal. I’m on the pill form of it now, it’s much less taxing on me. Food still tastes good, and my emotions are alright on it, unlike with Invega shots.

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Will I recover?
It’s been a month off

You’ll recover. Takes like 5-9 months to get it fully out of your system.

Also, zombie thread

Hi, did you have any cognitive impairment issues while on Invega? I’m struggling with reading, focusing, even speaking and having conversations/knowing what to say is difficult. Thank you

I’m on invega and yeah I have trobule with reading, focusing, and remembering things.

It should technically help with that. Like personally I had an easier time quieting my thoughts on Invega. I think YMMV.

does anyone know how you can tell you hit a half life? is there even a way to tell? i got about 10 hours of sleep and only woke up at the 8 hour mark instead of getting 8 hours of sleep and waking up 2-3 times a night 16 and 17 days after my last injection. also got 10 hours of sleep last night and a couple nights ago14 and 16 days after my first window. i used to get 10 hours of straight sleep before a couple of AP injections i was on. haldol and invega. couldn’t get drunk because of those two too. also have ejaculation issues. how long do you guys think or how long you guys took to be able to get drunk again and when the ejaculate issues came back? so far i’ve gathered 5 months at the earliest and 1 year or more at the latest. sexual issues can remain for over a year but that could only be if you got a number of injections at a high mg. i had 3 injections. 2 156mg and 1 117mg.

I’m going to reply, but just so you know we don’t give advice on how to get drunk again or when. We don’t allow talk of using alcohol, just recovery oriented talk. We have members that struggle with addiction.

Invega can take 150 to 300 days to get fully worked out of your system. I am at the 6 month mark and began feeling like I did before the shot, but I didnt5like the symptoms and just started Aristada yesterday. I feel great today and more motivated than ever did on Invega.

I’ve been off it 7 months. I don’t feel a difference. They switched me to abilify.

May my nurse have an awful week.

Ah that explains why my last post got denied. I figured that had something to do with it.

And yeah I heard it takes 150 to 300 days. I feel like i’m having 15 day average half lives though because of the 10 hours of sleep i get around those times, so i’m hoping i can be fine in about 4-5 months. alot of people report a difference at 6 months though which is good to hear. I don’t want to have to wait a year or more lol. also glad to hear you’re doing better. Never heard of Aristada though. what’s that about?

How many mg and how long were you on the injections for?

Aristada is just like Abilify. It’s basically the same, just a slight chemical change.

I can’t remember the mg. I think I was on 100mg…for two years.

@ZombieMombie is gonna have lightning strike her house. Amen.