Coping with side effects of invega sustenna

Trying to cope with the side effects of invega sustenna. It’s been hard. Minutes seem like hours. I can’t find anything to occupy myself. Nothing interests me. I can’t get a full feeling from eating. I just feel like a shell of a person. Waiting for this medicine to be out of my system. From what I’m reading it takes between 150 to 300 days to get out of your system. My last injection was November 2017. Time is not my friend. I need people to talk to.

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Are you on anything else right now? Could that be contributing to your side effects?

No. I’m not on anything right now. No use taking anything the shot I was on blocks your receptors. Medicine won’t do anything. Only time will help. Getting it out of my system.

its probably out of ur system if ur libido returns

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I don’t know what shot your on but I thought it only lasted a month. Also there is things such as Mao inhibitors which would stop the drug from being absorbed by your body. But that would stop all drugs including any new meds you would take

Hey Steph. I know it sucks. I wanted to fill u in that I asked to be put on welbutrin and it actually helps like 20%. It makes u less lazy and that horrible bored empty feeling where u feel so unstimulated by anything kinda goes away. The invega made me think about the past a lot and it would give me horrible feelings- the welbutrin took that away. Maybe try it as we wait for this poison to get out of our system?

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