Invega Sustenna Recovery

Hey guys. I started getting invega injections (had several others before; medication doesn’t seem to work for me) on March 1st 2020 and my last was May 1st 2020. Had 2 156mg and 1 117 mg. I have sexual side effects that I won’t go into detail about, have flattened emotions, and can’t get high or drunk. I’m curious to know how long it took people to recover, how many shots you had at what mg, who is still in recovery, and how long you’ve been in recovery for. Not many people seem to really have the answers, and alot of people are looking to know how long it takes to recover. I had to dig deep to find the some answers. Average was 6 months, or atleast noticed a significant change at 6 months. I’ve read that the makers of Invega said that it’s supposed to last 6 months. I’m hoping to create a thread that spreads awareness towards Invega Sustenna recovery and has more answers than questions. Am also hoping this can be found on the first page of Google so people have an easier time finding recovery estimates. The only link I could find on the first page had 976 replies and only like 6 of those being about people who have recovered. As far as I know, the more shots you have and how many you’ve had, and I think your metabolism, will play a role in how long it takes to recover. Take care.

If you switched to another antipsychotic good luck.

If you just quit your medication …your not in recovery.

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Quora has some good answers on healing time from antipsychotics.

I switched back to Risperdal since I had the least side effects on it. But in July, I plan on getting oral so I can just get rid of them. I still experience psychosis type stuff (I don’t see or hear things) even with medication, but i’m in better control of it and it isn’t nearly as bad since i’m no longer vulnerable to the things it can pick at. it only gets bad if I start getting aggressive feelings towards the people that weren’t so kind to me. It basically only happens if I trigger it now. So i’m already far into recovery no thanks to medication lol. No ill feelings towards meds; some people need 'em. But they’re just not for me.

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Really? I couldn’t find anything on there. If you could, can you send in some links? I know I tried to send a link before but it didn’t allow me but i’ve seen links on here before.

I was schzioaffective switched personality disorder dr took me off invega. I have seen shadows before thought was a person. Haven’t had any problem s with that since off invega and no hallucinations. I’m borderline and paranoid personality. I’m just on straterra helps me focus some less restless. No talk of any new antipsychotics at this point. Haldol was discussed in past but never put on it. May try lamictal mood stabilizer. I feel less bored with life after quitting invega 6months ago. I an enjoy hobbies more. I still have no peiord. I lost 12 months while on invega but hoping once prolactin lowers I lose another eight to ten pounds. I’m hoping I don’t need another antipsychotic and can just do therapy.

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