Has anyone been on provigil?

I’m thinking of asking my pdoc to try it to help me finish my semester, has anyone tried it? Does it work well for you?

Doctor said no because it’s for pilots.

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No, but I did take ritalin and dexamphetamine. Good stuff. Too bad you get psychosis from it.

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Not having enough sleep is very dangerous for sz people, our nerves are under great pressure then not giving them normal rest, they will break down, I used to love it but ended me up in hospital , it can end you up in hospital too, be cautious,

@anna maybe? I think she takes it, or something similar, for narcolepsy.

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For me at least it is not a normal stimulant like caffeine. It’s also not the same sort of stimulant like adderall or Ritalin. Meaning it doesn’t give me energy or make me hyper focused. It simply keeps me from falling asleep and makes it so I feel like I’m not in a constant state of sedation, it makes me feel normal.

But I have narcolepsy. So idk what it would do to a normal person.

Yes i tried it. It did nothing for me.