Frustrated about narcolepsy med situation


Honestly it’s dumb. The process keeps getting bogged down in me getting xyrem, it’s been months now, and all the participants just point fingers at each other. Doctor says it’s pharmacy, pharmacy says it’s insurnace, insurance says it’s doctor, etc. Ridiculous. Then today the neurologist said if insurance really insisted on me trying a “traditional stimulant” he could prescribe me a med that is literally speed but the pharmacy version. I refused, I’d much rather stay on modafinil then have to go on literal cocaine just to get xyrem. Plus lord knows that wouldn’t be good for my psychosis.

Pharmacy didn’t have fanapt in stock and I ran out so now have to miss a dose while they order it, hope that’s ok. I’m not even allowed to pick up more modafinil for another 2 days even though I only have half a pill of modafinil left, it’s state policy, totally stupid.

Anyways. Just feel like the system is screwing me over today. That’s all.

summary: can’t get like half the meds I need because the system is dumb and slow


i dont really get why modafinil is a scheduled drug, ive read that its abuse potential is minimal? its in the same category as benzos which doesnt seem right to me


Yeah I don’t get it either, it’s not even a normal stimulant like there’s nothing stimulating or addicting about it it just prevents you from falling asleep. Honestly I feel like caffeine has more addictive potential.

It’s just because dumb college kids jump at illegally consuming anything they think will boost their study skills which then ruins everything for the rest of us who actually need these medications.


@Anna…2 questions…what is narcolepsy, and what is modafinil used for?


@Anna I’ve played that stupid game with the pharmacy before. Pass the buck. That’s their philosophy. Quick to take your money but slow with everything else.


Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder which causes you to fall asleep at random intervals throughout the day. Correct me if I’m wrong Anna.

Modafinal is a vigilance drug. I took it once and it made me psychotic. But that was before my naltrexone back when every single substance made me psychotic!!


It’s supposed to be least likely to affect psychosis compared to other stimulants which is why I’m on it.

And yep @karl that’s a pretty accurate description lol basically I have periods of time where it’s like someone randomly sedated me and I pass out. I can have hallucinations or sleep paralysis during


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