Has anybody read a autobiography on sz

Ive read one called “Paranoid SZ, my label, my life” It was a n enlightening read, and the author had a good touch on humor. Any other good books out there.

A bio, on Zelda Fitzgerald.

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I read an auto by Katharine Graham, “Personal History,” she was the owner of Washington Post, a real good look into her husband’s illness with bipolar.

I also read “Touched With Fire” about maniac depressive illness, by recommendation of one of the many doctors I’ve had. He knew all about writer’s syndrome.

And of course I’ve read “The Bell Jar,” Sylvia Plath.

Many others on poets.

Read a great one on H.D., Freud made her cry when he exclaimed to her, “Why don’t you want me?”

Here’s this reluctant lesbian, try to have a normal conversation with the leading Dr. Ruth of the time,
gawd, what a jerk.

Robert Lowell, I read his, he was more sick than anyone realized and his women tried helping in many ways but they have made him more sick. He once said, “How fine our distinctions when we cannot choose.”

Thanks for recommending this book - I hadn’t heard of it:

Did you enjoy this bio? Is this the one below?

No, it was newer one just called, Zelda.

I can’t remember the author. I read it online thru my library. It was nearly 600 pages, but worth it.

It gave me great insight into her husband’s bread and butter short fiction that he kept pumping through lit mags, and their co-dependency that nearly crushed both of them.

They died within 5 years of each other. She was hard on Scottie their daughter, often calling her a snob, since she lived according to the standards of her father.

The book went heavily into Zelda’s fiction, but I was so confused by it, it was merely a play by play of what happened to the couple, and Scott many times refused to help out and often said she was plagerizing him.

She benefited mostly from an inpatient program on strict regimes of natural living including no alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and plenty of exercise. But Scott couldn’t afford it, and Zelda wanted freedom.

The one my sis got me to read was “Henry’s daemon’s”

Each chapter is written by Henry… (the guy who is diagnosed with Sz) and his dad…

So you see both sides of the onset… both side of the recovery…

It was a bit hard for me to keep up with at times… but it was still interesting.

Looks good: