Has anybody experienced trauma?

I’ve been physically abused when I was a teenager (punched,choked twice,shoved, picked up by my shirt and slammed down repeatedly) by my Dad and my Step Dad. I’ve been emotionally abused by my Dad as well. I believe that these events spurred this illness along with other factors(Biological-i.e. premature birth and low birth weight. I would like to know if anyone has experienced trauma and if so, what kind of trauma?

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I was sexually abused by a family member when I was 3 and 4 years old, and then again once when I was 11 by another family member. i have no doubt this contributed directly to my sza.

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I was physically, sexually and emotionally abused by my own father all throughout my childhood and adolescent years. Then, I left home and moved in with my boyfriend and future husband who physically, sexually and emotionally abused me throughout my six and a half year marriage. I have been divorced now for the last 32 years and I will never marry or live with a man again. Never.

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i was physically, mentally, socially and emotionally abused from a young age. ignored, neglected and almost made co-dependent. was forced on drugs at that time too. all by family and some friends of theirs.

i was aware of my mental illness just before this happened. it’s hard to relate to others for me because it didn’t traumatize me. i do understand the pain you went through though, it’s not ok to do that to kids… period.

i did ask myself once back then why this was happening. i caught on pretty quick and accepted that there were several factors involved. i ended up forgiving them for what they did later on in life. i’m sorry i can’t relate more but i do feel your pain.

i think it’s important to discover and accept these things about ourselves from similar experiences people i’ve known have been through and other experiences i have been through. it’s part of the process to overcome these past difficulties and move on so we can be happier, effective and productive people in our own lives and our community.

it wasn’t anyone’s fault who had this happen to them, you didn’t deserve this and most importantly it is not you. it cannot define you completely as a person, just give you something to overcome in time.

i’m getting angry this keeps happening to people so i’m going to leave it at that now. i hope you all have success in dealing with this and move past it in your own time cause your all definitely worth it.

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