Abuse as a child poll

Were you physically or emotionally abused as a child?

  • yes
  • no

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If bullying counts as physical abuse then yes.

Yes, from multiple sources. Worst was my stepmom, who kept us locked in a room together when we were allowed in the house. When we weren’t allowed in the house, we were left in movie theaters or parking garages. She was also physically and verbally abusive, but that part hardly mattered.

I was constantly told i was a mistake and having kids ruined my dads life. He was a drunk addicted to cough syrup who beat me with anything handy. Ive been hit with chains punched head butted ect. I suffered until i beat his ass at 16 and put him in the hospital. Ive forgiven him and hes good to his grand kids plus he knows i will ■■■■■■■ kill him if he treats my kids like he did me…my mom is a sweet woman but she has ocd…

Well I received quite a few slaps when I was an annoying little ■■■■. Nowadays, where I am from, many people will look at me as if they just saw a ghost when I tell them this. They call the child abuse card and ‘feel sorry’ for me etc. I don’t have any issues with it. Not now, not at the time. I wasn’t beaten to ■■■■ or anything, and when it happened it wasn’t without reason. I don’t feel I was abused. But then people may go on and say I am internalizing stuff and who knows what…

I was emotionally neglected and my mom was always angry at me but I wouldn’t say I was abused.

My father is a sadistic pedophile but. with me it was mental sexual abuse

Im so sorry thats something no child should ever be put through. Im tuff as coffin nails but abuse of children really hurts my heart…

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@Thanna, I’m sorry. I can relate. I hope you are in a better place now.

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When I was four I was molested by an 18 year old boy. As it turned out, my father was a pedophile too. He had an overwhelming, irresistable desire to have sex with little boys. He didn’t outright molest me, but he was always weirdly, abnormally affectionate with me. It felt sick. I often wondered how he could not know that what he was doing felt really strange, but I guess he couldn’t. My older brother, who hadn’t been molested, also said what my dad was doing felt really weird. My dad finally ended up getting caught as a pedophile.

Im so sorry from the bottom of my heart to all who were molested…i have scars and broken bones due to my abuse but it pales in comparison to what you all went through. I want to give you all hugs and i hope your all in better places.



my dad was the first to get me drunk and offer me cigarettes. he let my dog die without a vet visit when i was gone. he talked down to me badly and was very paranoid. he is sz too. he drinks to medicate

no abuse here, my parent were ok, they tried their best esp my mum who had it harder due to hearing problems

I would hesitate to go as far as calling it abuse but my parents weren’t that emotionally warm. They used to argue a lot and blame me for their arguing. My mother told me around the age of 9 I’d never be as good as my father, a man she constantly argued with.
I would say they were more emotionally neglectful than abusive.

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i was sexually abused by a pedophile… not really a sex but he masturbated in front of me and told me not to tell anybody else. probably it marked me, I cant be sure :/…

I think neglect is abuse.

I didn’t really have any abuse in my life…

I had some older cousins who weren’t the best influence in my life, and a few aunts and uncles who are clueless.

But my parents are nice people who just tried their best with me and my siblings.

Sexual abuse by a relative with a position in the church for several years completely skewed my perception, then our stepdad moved us to his hometown and was physically and emotionally abusive…good times

I was emotionally abused by my brother and dad and physically abused by peers and my brother, then when I turned 6 the sexual abuse started from my dad’s best friend,