Is anyone else a victim of child abuse?

I had a period of severe mental and physical abuse around the age of 9-12, after which I was diagnosed with PTSD.

I tend to get more and more aggressive during periods where my sz symptoms worsen, and I wonder if my past plays a role in that.

Yeah, you carry a lot that translates into more signs of symptoms or episodes.

I’ve had some in my childhood, but the worst was neglect when both my brother and I were troubled.

Don’t take everything on the chin. You’re doing the best you can.

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I had a full can of coke thrown at my head once. I was put into a psychiatric hospital around 12 so that my father could justify the abuse to the courts and say I was a problem child.

I had a bedwetting problem into my mid teens that I was beaten for many times throughout that period.

My best friend punched me in the face and nearly killed me in a car accident a year ago as well

Oh, gawd, sorry to hear this.

Nothing is your fault. Just the card you were given.

Have you put it behind you? What are you doing now?

Grew up in house with dad with anger issues. He never hit us but his rage was very scary to deal with and unpredictable. He emotionally abused our mom a lot. Would just curse at her and insult her until she cried. We all hated him as children. I don’t hate him anymore but I still don’t have great feelings toward him. He’s improved anyways.

I’m very sorry you were hurt. No one should have to go through that.

Sexual abuse. 13. Two incidents. Psychiatrist think it caused my illness which was only triggered recently

Emotionally and rarely physically abused by my brother from the age of 10 to 19-20 (I’m 24 now). I wonder if that and my severe social anxiety caused me to slip further into my schizophrenia, but I can only speculate.

I wonder the same things. I wonder if that’s why i’m so aggressive. I also wonder if I have brain damage from the car accident. My doctor wants to do tests for that.

I got diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 12. After a couple hospitalizations, my dad began beating the $hit out of me. My thoughts are that he was angry with me for “causing him so many problems” and distress dealing with a mentally ill kid. As the years wore on, the abuse got worse. I moved out the day after I turned 18. Shortly thereafter, he was moving out of his apartment. He asked me to come over and help, which I did. I began vacuuming the floor, and he wasn’t happy with my performance so he hit me in the nose. I clocked him back for the first time. He had this stunned look on his face, and he never did that stuff again. One year later, he committed suicide. I STILL have ambiguous feelings about the man.

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take care :alien:

I recently got a bad case of brain damage. A neuropsychologist can test your mental processing and intelligence levels. A speech therapist can help with poor memory and concentration problems. A physical therapist can help with balance issues and dizziness. If you have poor concentration, blue light therapy can help. Basically, exposure to blue light improves concentration. I bought a pair of blue sunglasses I wore when I was working on reading again.

On the topic, I dealt with sexual abuse at age 14, but I didn’t know it was sexual abuse until I was 22. I just thought that’s what always happens when guys get drunk and you forget to lock your bedroom door. Learning that some guys aren’t like that was totally earth-shattering for me. I had just assumed it was my fault for not remembering to lock the door.

I wonder how many of us was not a victim of some kind of abuse.
I saw my parents beating each other at the age of 5.
Seventeen years after, I still can feel what I felt that day.


I would say my dad was verbally abusive to me and my mom. He had a lot of anger issues. He’s much better now though it’s hard for him to accept my disability.

I think surviving/living with abuse is one of the major risk factors of mental illness.

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I was sexually abused by an eighteen year old male when I was 4. Then my dad turned out to be a pedophile too. He finally got to the point where he could not control his attraction to little boys. He used to hang out with ten year old boys and bring them around the house. I thought, “That ain’t normal”. I couldn’t believe my mom didn’t realize he was molesting these boys. He did a little time in jail because he was caught masturbating over his grandson. He didn’t sexually abuse me, but he was always weirdly, overwhelmingly affectionate. It felt creepy as hell. My older brother said he felt the same way about it. I always couldn’t believe my dad didn’t know better, but in time I realized he didn’t. My mom divorced him and we got him put in a very small nursing home where he was locked down and couldn’t leave. Looking back, I can see that my dad had good qualities too. For a long time I viewed him as a total failure because he was so out of touch with how he made me and my brother feel, but as I got older I saw good things in him too. He just had that one flaw that destroyed him.

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Exactly. 15 15 15 15 15

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That is one hell of a “one flaw.” I get it though. My brother is trying so hard to turn his life around. The things he did, the cops say it is pretty typical for a teenage boy with no sex education teaching him right from wrong. They think there is no reason he would continue that behavior as an adult. It apparently happens all the time in religious families. Heck, look at Josh Duggar. It’s the same basic thing.

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I have a neuropsychologist test getting lined up actually, maybe in the next week

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I’m actually quite frightened to discuss this, It’s anticipated to be the cause of my illness, and it laid dormant until recently [I didn’t even know that was possible.] - Never discuss it aloud or on paper with anyone and I’ll have to delve into it within my upcoming therapy sessions. Worrying :frowning:

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I had a full can of coke thrown at my head once. I was put into a psychiatric hospital around 12 so that my father could justify the abuse to the courts and say I was a problem child.

we seem to have similar situations. Try not to let the anger get the better of you, and ask for help of needed. Be sure to empahtiza the abuse when speaking to new mental health professionals, as they often dont look in your journal.