Has any one else had the voices there own thinking voice silenced by the voices

Has any one had there own voice that they think in silenced by the voices to the point where there head is is almost silent except for the voices

Yeah I have trouble thinking due to just crazy or bad thoughts or voices. I’m not really sure who I am as I sit here now, but I’m thinking a bit more clearly today. It’s hard for me to set aside all the strange thoughts I’ve had.

Can you still hear your thinking voice?

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My thoughts have been pretty bad and I havn’t been thinking too well, but I’m hearing something right now that seems better. It’s common for me to have odd voices in my head and I have many delusions. I also isolate a whole lot and have bad anxiety.

I THINK I once had my thoughts been taken over by the voices thoughts it was really scary all of a sudden I felt I deserved to be and should be in eternal hell :frowning:

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