Starting gym next week

give me motivation

and i will drop smoking

big goals


Motivation it’s on his way, it should arrive soon, I’ve just sent some motivation to you :slight_smile:


Good decision! :+1:
Don’t push yourself too hard in the beginning. Get used to it first. Track your progress. Make it a habit. Remember that getting to the gym is often more work than being at the gym.

(Posted from the gym :smile:)


Don’t wait until next week. Start now.

Don’t even think about it, just do it.


Man good luck,

I really need to get back to hitting the weights.

Hell ya spooky


You can do it! Getting there can be the bigger struggle. Good luck


How much are you charging for membership fees? Will you be open at night?

My gym is my own living room. I only need a small space, the size of a yoga mat, to do my yoga exercises. Yoga is the best exercise in the world, according to me anyway. And all I need is 35 minutes a day. And it’s totally free.

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Start small and have a “feel good” workout. Then you will want to return. If you work out too hard and don’t enjoy it, you’ll be less motivated to go again.


Hey I’m starting the gym too.

One thing that has motivated me is a watch that counts steps and gives you daily goals to complete activities etc. They call them Fitbit watches etc. More expensive are Apple watches. But they have more cheaper ones too.

But you don’t need that for motivation. Just the feeling after being st the gym will also give it too you. I used to go to the gym ages ago and I loved the high afterwards. That’s what kept me going.

I’m planning to go either today or Monday. Depends. I’ve got my gear together now. But had a very busy week this week so it looks like Monday. The house needs tidying up and I’m away this weekend!

Enjoy the gym. We only live once. That’s motivation too.

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