Hard to bear seeing them

Children, at times i can’t bear to see them.

It’s not because i hate them or anything, it’s because i know what they have coming and they have no idea, they smile and are happy, it makes me want to spontaneously combust.

Children are the absolute saddest thing to have ever existed.

When they get harmed at first it comes a surprise, i can’t stand that reaction, they begin to wake up to this awful thing we are doing more and more over time.

And finally their laughter becomes dread and anger and sadness and confusion and they play no more, they learn of death and it sickens them beyond repair.

It’s hard to see them sometimes, but to actually see them.

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I’m just the opposite. Children make me smile. I love to interact with them.
The best years are the age of just talking, starting to think for themselves, becoming more independent and less afraid of being away from momma.
I love their energy, willingness to share laughter, happiness and what goes on in their mind.
Children are priceless, all of them.
But then the worst thing happens, they turn into teenage monsters and until they grow comfortable in their own skins and start contributing back to their community, they stink.


Pan, I think you hit the nail on the head about why I don’t like children.

Human beings are selected to survive and thrive.

I don’t like children because I’m afraid of them. And likewise. I envy people who can relate to them because I think - don’t know - they’re valuable.

sometimes they become powerful entities helping all of world like scientists saving us or …, they are not just reflections of us necessarily, i was very happy with my own when a child though i had not better parents than others, world was full of wonders for me as i can remember, though i know what you are talking about but they are not doomed to be like us.

I’m one of the few with you in this boat of a person who values children.

I love being an Uncle.

I’ve met some people who haven’t grown old despite having grown up. That happiness can still be in tact.


I didn’t say i don’t like children, they are great.

I just feel horrible for them thats all, it’s really really sad to watch is what im saying.

What’s sad is watching that awkward, awful, transition age of being a teenager, growing from one who never looked in a mirror to find their beauty and happiness to thinking the sum of their value is reflected back from the mirror.
Children have wisdom in that they see with their eyes closed, it’s not what a person looks like per se, or how much money you have in the bank, or how many friends on facebook you claim to have, if you allow them to belong, they will love you.
The beauty of kids is they don’t have to conform to society’s protocol.
Unfortunately, they tend to grow out of this nature when they start trading needs for wants.

Well put, teach me more.

I’m not a good teacher. All I know is my limited perspective.

I disagree completely.

That was good what you said.