I only like children who are sad

I can’t stand happy children. I guess I don’t believe them because I’m not that optimistic. I think sad children are more real.

I like “rainy day people” too.


Kids have a care free spirit, The younger the stronger the spirit. Until life crushes it. Some keep it longer than others. I don’t think it’s fake. But I hate to see anyone Sad.


Children either love me or hate me. There is no middle ground. And, I am very uncomfortable around them. I prefer the elderly.

I like kids. When I visit my young nephews, they are happy most of the time. Sometimes I see them get upset, but I let my sister deal with them. I might say something to help cheer them up, but I don’t try to parent them, they aren’t my kids. I love them unconditionally.
I’m sorry if you don’t feel comfortable around people that are happier than you might be. But I understand that sometimes, when I’ve been really down, it can hard to be around happy people, especially when they tell you to cheer up. Sometimes what a person needs is to be listened to and receive some validation of those feelings. When you’re really depressed, even kindness can seem hurtful, when they don’t acknowledge your pain

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That’s very similar to saying you don’t like children.


I dont know antthing about kids. They are aliens.

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You must have a pretty big preoccupation with children. You talk about them very often.

I think you would like the picture from when I was 5 on the swing.

Not a smile to be seen.

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I always get scared when I see unhappy children. I always worried about that they’re going to end up like me. I just want everyone to be happy

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I love kids, except when they are bratty and rude. Unfortunately most children, these days…

I definitely feel the same as you with adults, though. Happiness seems forced, fake and almost scary.

Well, children can’t always be held responsible for their emotions, they are developing people, not yet adults, so they need support in understanding and responding to their emotions so they can reach emotional maturity, when they can then be judged equally with adults.

I’m not saying children are non-humans or animals, I just don’t judge their thoughts, actions, emotions and mentality as being analogous to those of an adult. When you say they “lie” about being happy, you are holding them to an adult standard and judging their morality as you would an adult.

Not saying outright that kids are incompent, they become more aware as they age, and can feel emotions from birth, like sadness for example, but throughout childhood we can only be held as responsible for our emotions as our age and level of maturity warrants.


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