Happy Valentine's Day

I divorced in 2000 in America and in the past 14 years I have not found any women, maybe it is because of my antisocial behaviors, but Happy Valentine’s Day …

I divorced last year in October and haven’t gotten over it yet…I have my mom coming to see me tomorrow to help buy me pans and groceries for my new stove, plus an old friend is coming to town on business and is going to take me out to lunch at Bob’s Pig Shop, best ribs in the state…(Oklahoma).

all in all, it won’t be so bad not having anyone on Valentine’s Day for me…

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I have got over my divorce in 2000, I found some new freedom, but my antisocial behaviors hamper any new relationship building, this is what really happened to me in America in the 1990s, I have not gotten over this yet:!search/poison$20prince/

I recently discovered that in some official files my spouse is still the same woman as it was in America. In March 2000 I disappeared and I never went to the final divorce hearings and I told my former spouse’s lawyer to mail the divorce papers to my father’s address in Finland, but he never got these. So I have never got any divorce papers yet from America, but I think that I am divorced.

i’m going out tonight to a valentine speed dating night :blush:,

i’m pretty nervous and idk whats going to happen

worried about getting it on bc i think that will put people off

but i always said that there is more to a relationship than just sex

probably wont find anyone tho lol, i am hopeless at these things :frowning:

I hardly know what the dating is any longer. Have not done so in 23 years. Tonight I am going to watch a movie on the net and then I take my meds and after two hours I became so tired that I start sleeping only to wake up early in the next morning to play on the Internet. I know that other people party and drink alcoholic beverages, but I have not participated in their activities for many years. In my mornings I typically feel great after few cups of coffee and after listening some high energy music. Yes, my life is a kind of lonely, but I do not feel loneliness. Good luck with your speed dating, I could not do anything like that.

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This is for my girlfriend. We’ve been together almost two years and she’s the most wonderful woman. It’s our song.


@mrhappy Chin up and good luck. You never know what might happen and it will be an experience. I be rooting for you.

My plans are getting a little torn. My sis got invited out and then rudely uninvited out so she passed up a work shift to hang with me and watch Top Gear.

But my neighbor asked me to go to the library with her and find some good books on plants and then maybe grab some dinner. I really want her to quit torturing plants so I said I’d go. Leaving the kid sis at home alone.

Something about that makes me sad.

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Dinner on Valentine’s Day… I could be way off but this may have to do with more then just a library trip. You could take kid sis with you.

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From my apartment I can see one flower store and I have been watching how people go there and buy flowers for their loveones, things were different in the 1980s and Finland has become Americanized while people are celebrating this Valentine’s Day. I have just been listening good music. From my place I see many people and some people seem to have decided to spend this day drunk as I have seen them walking in the street. Well, it is their life.

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ill be alone as usual on valentines day…people dont bother to get to know me at school…just cause im an emo kid…

i’d like to know more about this nieghbour lol, whats she like? is she nice?

i dont think i’ll be able to go to this date night thing, i am getting a bit panicky about it and i’ve been trying to think what people might ask me like ‘have you got a job’ & ‘what do you do’ these are the things that i think will let me down and i’m thinking that there isnt really any point trying because i havent got much to offer just now.

another thing is that i dont think i can do that anymore, going out into town, i tried it and its not for me, i’d much rather go to the library with someone than some seedy bar where all we do is drink and try and talk. its too hard trying to pick up a woman,


The Monster Snowstorm many states got hit with is going to decrease the sales of chocolates, gifts, cards and flowers - I have been divorced for a while now, and single, I dont care too much about Valentines Day, Oh well :frowning:

There are many things I do not know and on this Valentine’s Day I learned more:

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Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. I am alone on Valentine’s Day as usual. Well, not actually alone, but with my parents. It’s all snowy today anyway. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere.


So today I learned that Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day is the Christian martyr day. I woke up in the morning to wish everybody ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ without knowing the origins of this Valentine. Interestingly, the symbol of my religion is a skull that I purchased in the fortress of southern France in 1999 and I call it ‘AGOD’. AGOD has two sides: ATOK (good) and ALOK (evil or bad). In 1998 I visited a temple in Purtugal and the temple was called the temple of skulls because hundreds of skeletons and skulls of Christian martyrs covered all walls with few black crosses. That was my teachng today - Happy Valentine’s Day!

happy valentines day to you too, mjseu.

I always say, when I look for love (ie… sex, dates) I find chaos. When I look for friendship I sometimes find love. I live by that. Like you, I can’t go “fox hunting” as my younger brothers say. It’s all too icky for me. Libraries, lunch, beaches, it’s more my style.

But hey, you have a lot to offer. You are in school and so… you don’t have your life all set now. You have plans and the fact your in school shows that your working towards those plans. You are optimistic and you do have a good sense of humor… Girls will go for that. Give yourself a chance.

about the neighbor… she moved in a few months ago. I tried to scare her off because it’s a slightly bigger place and I was hoping to move into that space. The very day she came to look at the place I told her she would have me as a schizophrenic neighbor so she might want to go away. But she said her beloved uncle was SZ and she wasn’t afraid of me at all.

Her Fathers side is Swiss and her mother’s side is from Tamil India. Dark eyes, dark hair, nice smile, laughs at my jokes, has made amazing butter chicken… But kills plants like no other. Ok I admit, I saw her in a Sari once I sort of got a bit of a crush. She looks nice in jeans too. But the Sari was really pretty. But I’m just going for friends. I’m not suave and could never pretend to be.


Happy valentines day everyone :smile:

I told my son Happy Valentine’s Day this morning and asked for a hug. He said he didn’t really understand what it was celebrating. I said love. I know it may seem like it is just for lovers or partners but love is love. Whether it’s parents, children, sibling, friends or even online friends.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone on this forum :heart: