Valentines Day coming

Well before there aren’t much to chose from, I’m taking my youngest tonight to pick out Valentines and supplies to make a Valentine Box. Looking forward to getting me out of the house and him off the computer for a while. He read all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and now won’t read til they write another one, so I’m hoping he’ll see something else he’ll try or that they write another one soon! We did play yahtzee last night though. Anyhow do you all have Valentines day plans or celebrations? just wondering.

My nephew really liked the James Patterson children’s book. :books:

I am 4 ever alone. Always will be. :unamused:

Now that I’m single, I try to avoid valentines day as much as possible. It was also my anniversary. So it’s not a day that I look forward to lol.

But I wish you all a very happy day!



I got asked out and then yesterday the guy who asked me out changed his mind. So he took back the invitation and asked for the gift back too. (It was a stuffed toy)

So I’m going to either work that evening or stay home and make sticky popcorn with my brother. I’m leaning towards Top Gear and popcorn with my big bro.

That was rude :heart:

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We have valentine’s day special dinner package in the shop. Today our chefs were working on the homemade dessert for photo taking. Somehow I got one of the dessert! The chef asked me to finish it. I think it would be what I have for this year, celebrating with my brothers in the shop. Special enough.

People are feeding me with whatever they are working on. I like the freshly baked cake. I’m so much like a kitten in the shop :cat:


Last year me and my friend got wasted, we drank a handle of whiskey and each had like 15 jellow shots. This year? Shoulders. I work shoulders on Fridays.

Love only love can make us welthy in the soul and climb the stars that we all see in the night! So why not pay the way to marrs.

i am going out to meet some singles and hopefully get lucky

i’m not very good at it tho but i mentioned that i had a mental illness on my profile but i said i’m ok now.

i think there will be 30 of us

i hope they dont ask any awkward questions :frowning: might put them off

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A truly dreadful holiday in my opinion, which yes i realize is worthless.

Although i do enjoy the music.