Happy Thanksgiving sz

Just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving


@Twialine what do u guys do in thanks giving ??? …!!! Cuz i am not from christian background…!!!

We gather as a family and eat a lot before (for me) work (this year both me and my brother have to work while our mom has it off and step dad is disabled) (my mom didn’t raise us religious but we’ve always celebrated the holidays cause they’re fun!)


Hope it’s a great day for everyone.

I just hope the t.v. is on something decent over at my mom’s
cuz the commercials sometimes really freak me out, if they are anything violent.

I don’t think I’ll drink pop like I ususally do on the holidays,
just hot tea.

I think also, I’ll get real cleaned up and dress nice and wear makeup.

I hope I can find a relish tray somewhere in town, not sure what all is open.


Enjoy you day everyone, what ever you do for the day.


Happy Thanksgiving. I’m making sweet potato casserole today. I go all-out and put brown sugar pecans AND marshmallows on top!
Hope everyone has something to be thankful for today! <3


Happy Thanksgiving to all.

If Thanksgiving is a difficult time for you, and this may not be much, but I care.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! :turkey:


Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving. I have the day off from work, so all I have to do today is go over to my sister’s and stuff my face, then later go to my friend’s house to watch the Lions game, recorded from this afternoon. My sister and brother-in-law don’t care about football, so it won’t be on at their house, but my friend and I are huge Lions fans (we’re both from Michigan).


Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving for all. I do hope the Colts win tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving Americans! Eat some turkey and gravy for me! MG just explained the holiday to me so now I understand it. Enjoy your dinner!

What’s the complication?

The kids here learn pilgrimage

The adults fawn responsibility

Well I live in Australia, we don’t have Thanksgiving here so I didn’t know what it was about so I asked.

I don’t think that’s complicated.

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We celebrate the day in the 1600’s when the settlers from England landed in America and they were short of food but the rightful owners of America were Indians and they supplied food and sat down and ate with settlers. We liked this gesture of friendliness so much and we were so so thankful to the Native-Americans for this that in a show of gratitude, we responded by slaughtering 80% of them, raping their women and stealing their country.

We put them on reservations in the worst part of the land and demanded that they be grateful to us for turning many of them into alcoholics and making them live in poverty. For this we give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving.


I’m getting hungry :slight_smile:

Ya happy subduing the pequots day!!!

Sad but true Nick

Why not them in basketball very good those kids


Gotta read Sherman alexi

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