Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you here! For those who are going to see family, I hope you have a safe journey. For those who are staying at home, I hope you fix something special for yourself to eat. Life has its up and downs and you may be in a down, but at least we have the people on this site to talk to and find friendship. Have some turkey on me, and if you’re vegetarian, enjoy some fresh veggies! :slight_smile:


Happy thanksgiving to my :us: friends from :canada:


I am only going about twenty five miles west to my sister’s newly built mansion !! I haven’t seen the house since it’s been finished…and her cooking is to die for…my mom is in CO visiting my brother and his family…I hope everyone has a good meal tomorrow…


I am determined to appreciate the family and the food, and feel welcome. I want to make something special of the holiday. I want to feel and express thanks.


Happy Thanksgiving. I feel so bad for the people that are forced to work on Thanksgiving day and black Friday. It has turned into a capitalistic holiday that deprives blue collar workers of enjoying the holiday with their family. All too save a few bucks


Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans!

Safe travels!


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s a family tradition at my parents house.

I hope everyone enjoys the day.

Happy Thanksgiving :turkey:


My uncle from my mom’s side of the family is picking me up at 9am tomorrow. I suspect they’ll be late but I set an alarm for 8am just to be sure. I think we are going to a restaurant. My aunt and cousin will also be there.


Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone has a joyous time spent with family and friends.

And for those who will spend Thanksgiving alone, post on here, and you’ll see that you’re really not alone.


Happy turkey day to all!

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Happy thanksgiving everyone on the forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I liked thanksgiving in the US when I lived there a couple of years. Always was nice heading north from La and saying hi to the Arkansas in laws. Great drive through the rat lands of the south.

Our big family days are Xmas and Easter. Your lucky to have a holiday like that where the family get together. It’s a nice American custom!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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